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5 Actionable Tips on LPIC-1 Certification Exams

The LPIC-1 certification exams are geared towards evaluating the expertise and skills of Linux systems administrators. The exam objectives are updated every three years, and the LPI certifications are valid for five years. An applicant who aspirated to apply for the exam in this order must start with the lower-level exams and accomplish the higher-level exams. For you to become certified as an LPIC-1 Linux Administrator, you should pass the LPI 101 and 102 exams. You can take these exams individually, and you do not need to have passed the 101-500 exam to take the 102-500 exam.

The LPIC-1 Linux Administrator is the first certification in the Linux certification path, and it confirms the skill of an individual to carry out maintenance tasks on the command line, set up, and configure fundamental networking and a computer running Linux. The exams are intended to measure an applicant’s skill in real-world system administration.

LPIC-1 Certification Exam Details and Syllabus Topics

The 101-500 and 102-500 exams consist of 60 questions each that are structured to include multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank options. You need to answer all LPIC-1 exam questions in the time of 90 minutes.

The syllabus topics of the exams are coming from scenarios that come up in a work setting so as to gauge your skills according to the standards in the job market. Here are the LPIC-1 exam syllabus topics:

  • Understanding the Architecture of a Linux System
  • Working at the Linux Command Line, including Unix Commands and Common GNU
  • Performing Easy Maintenance Tasks: add users to a larger system, help users, restore shutdown, backup, and reboot.
  • Handling Files and Accessing Permissions as well as System Security
  • Installing and Maintaining a Linux Workstation, including X11 and Setting it up as a Network Client

Tips for Passing the LPIC-1 Certification Exam

The two exams combined will earn you the credential, and you must take a tactical approach when studying for both of them. Here are tips for passing LPIC-1 certification exams:

Know Your Learning Method

For you to pass the LPIC-1 certification exam, you need to determine how best you perceive concepts, whether it is by self-study or when someone describes a topic to you. When you understand just how adequately you study, you will be able to create a good study schedule. This is essential for this exam because it does not just expect you to get the expertise over the academic concepts but needs you to be able to operate a command line. This indicates that you should be able to take your learning thoroughly to succeed in the real world. Understanding how best the concepts grasped in your brain will help you to answer questions concerning work scenarios.

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Choose the Best Learning Method

After you have identified the best learning method, you can choose how to study for the exam. You also need to look through the study material to decide whether you have the appropriate background to perceive it. This is essential if you are going to study own on your own because it helps if you know your weak areas and employ more concentration working on them.

Review the Exam Objectives

The exam objectives will guide you on the topics to concentrate on and help you predict the types of questions that you will be answering. You will also be able to give preference to the areas that you do not completely understand. You need to understand the objectives of the exam before taking it so that you do not want to sit the exam blind but provided with the knowledge and skills to confront anything that stands in your way This will also help you evade trying to understand everything you read and allow you to emphasize on the concepts that are associated with the exam.

Evaluate All Possible Study Resources for LPIC-1 Certification Exam

There are various study resources available for this exam, extending from books, videos, and practice tests to online forums to help you study efficiently for LPIC-1 certification exams. You should consider all the available for you to get a profound understanding of the concepts. It may be tough for you to acquire all the skills required for the exam by just reading a book. Thus, you need to broaden your scope and explore other study resources that you can be helpful. For example, labs are an excellent resource to help you sharpen your practical skills while books are traditional resources in terms of assisting you to understand the definition of significant terms.

Take Practice tests

Practice tests must be taken once you are done with your studies. It advances your confidence levels and introduces you to some areas of improvement. Practice tests will make you familiar with the exam environment to help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

In the End

LPIC-1 exams weigh heavily on your proficiency to master the skill, and you must ensure you practice the concepts thoroughly. Absolute preparation will help you to pass both exams and obtain your certification, which goes a long way in advancing your career in the IT field.

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