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A Step by Step Guide to EC-Council CEH Certification

The world of information security online is a fight between two groups of people – Hackers with the malicious intention of stealing important data and Certified Ethical Hackers working with organizations to stop and lessen these breaches. Becoming a CEH professional demands a high level of intelligence and interest in the Information Security field, however, preparing for Certified Ethical Hacking certification exam equips applicants with the significant knowledge to recognize flaws and loopholes in security systems and give appropriate solutions. From starting preparation for the CEH Certification exam to passing the CEH V10 exam, there is a lot to do, and in this article, we are sharing the useful tips to help ace the exam.

Tips to Prepare for CEH Certification Exam

Understand the CEH Certification Exam

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam comprises 125 questions that stretch multiple subjects. Using a checklist can assure you don’t overlook any topic. The CEH exam topics are as follow:

  • Background
  • Analysis / Assessment
  • Security
  • Tools / Systems / Programs
  • Procedures / Methodology
  • Regulation / Policy
  • Ethics

Self-study Method

The prerequisite for self-study is 2 Years Experience If not interested in joining an institute, the option of self-study is quite useful for CEH aspirants. Participate in online forums to get guidance and answers to complicated queries and topics. These forums offer all the information necessary to pass the exam.

Research is Important

No study can be done without research. Apart from studying the exam material, there is a need to research the CEH exam structure. Learn about the time duration of the exam, the kind of questions, and the minimum number of questions needed to be answered correctly to get the passing score. Remember to see if there is negative marking, as it will impact the score.

Create a Study Schedule

Most applicants seeking a CEH v10 certification would already be full-time working professionals, and therefore making a study schedule is of most importance. It, however, conceivably following the schedule should be a top priority. Be reasonable while making the schedule, taking into account professional and personal commitments.

Identify the CEH Topics Thoroughly

Any applicant undertaken for a CEH v10 exam will require expertise on the study topics. All solutions advised should be practical and helpful in real-life scenarios. That’s the reason the exam is strict, expecting applicants to answer 125 questions in four hours. It is understood that apart from having a thorough knowledge of the topics, learning how to manage time and stress is essential.

Perform CEH Practice Tests

CEH exam preparation needs a lot of practice tests to be completed at a scheduled time. CEH practice tests are available online and will help determine areas not appropriately understood.

Identify your weaknesses and strengths

The more practice is put in, the higher are the chances of gaps to be pointed out. Spend more time on your weak areas, join forums to get distinctness, or get doubts cleared by instructors at the institute. Remember, the aim is to pass the CEH exam in one go, and thus, clarity of concepts for all topics cannot be overlooked.

Take Help from Colleagues

As stated earlier, most CEH v10 certification aspirants are already in a job, and informing colleagues, seniors, and team members is essential. They can be of great help when the time is required to prepare or appear for the exam. A matter to remember is they are there to help, and some of them are CEH certified, they can share their experience.

Don’t Ignore Rest and Exercise

These words can be tough to follow, but it is scientifically proven that a healthy body and a rested mind can help to resolve problems faster and better. Meditation is also great to overcome stress. So, throughout the learning process for the CEH exam, take enough rest and follow your exercise routine until the day of the exams.

Extra Tip for CEH Certification Exam

Arrive at the center before time – Well, this tip is not for exam preparation, but it is an essential one for success. This is an advice given out to one and all as reaching at least half-an-hour before time will save you any conflicts. With tools such as Google Maps, estimate the time required to reach, especially if the center is not in a known area. Keep in mind; this tip will keep you away from stress and not eat away the time and energy needed for giving the best during the certification of the exam.

As was noted at the beginning of the article, ethical hacking is the requirement of this digital era, as once the exam is cleared, applicants will be expected to think like a hacker, looking for gaps and weaknesses in IT systems. The difference is that a CEH certified professional works for the betterment of the organization to implement solutions for these weaknesses while the criminals exploit these weaknesses for their profit. A CEH v10 Certification will qualify a person to test systems seeking the loopholes, and give them the technical know-how needed to offer solutions to reduce the weaknesses.


CEH certification is not a natural certification is to achieve. It demands commitment, hard work, and intelligence, and earning it will not be a cakewalk. The above tips will make your exam preparation easy. Still, the effort required to study or the time needed to do the research or practice tests is something you have to put in to pass the CEH exam and show organizations throughout the world that you have the ability to keep their IT systems safe from exploitation.

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