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Achieve the World’s Most In-Demand Cisco Certifications in 2020

We live in an age where the everyday routines of individuals, businesses, authorities, and other organizations and bodies are partially or wholly compelled by technology. These routines principally focus on either software, cloud technologies, IoT, networking, cybersecurity, etc. Hence, our daily activities much rely on the practical implementation, management, and retention of IT technologies and services.

This becomes gradually challenging as technology experiences spectacular transformations. This is why the industry needs professionals and technicians who are proficient and capable of efficiently riding these waves of modification and remaining relevant in the field. Acquiring an appropriate certification produces a positive impact on your career as it can leverage your expertise, skillset, job opportunities, credibility, etc. In this article, we will take a closer look at the IT certifications awarded by the Cisco company. We will also list their benefits and preparation method you can practice to get certified. Sounds worthwhile? Keep on reading to explore.

Why Achieve Cisco certifications?

Cisco is one of the world’s leading and largest providers of IT products and services. Through its resources, Cisco has been able to strike close to half a billion lives across the world positively. One of its services comprises providing certifications incorporating a broad range of underlying technologies such as security, data center, networking, cloud, wireless, service provider, Internet of things (IoT), etc.

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One of the reasons for its prevalence is because it offers certifications for applicants from various levels of expertise, from entry-level to expert-level. This provides the individual with more versatility in deciding their career path in advance and taking the essential steps to proceed to the position they aspire.

Reasons for Becoming Cisco certified

The certification vendor plays a vital role in how inherent employers will notice your resume. Here are a few reasons you may take into account to choose Cisco Certification over other networking certifications:

  1. Cisco’s products and services are broadly utilized in the industry, so Cisco has acquired a worldwide reputation for the proficiency and skills in respective technologies. If you can achieve certification from Cisco, it indicates that you possess an up-to-date and sought-after skill-set in the technology of your interest.
  2. Being Cisco certified qualifies you to gain a higher pay as compared to non-certified peers. Also, the Cisco certification allows you to move forward from your present job position to other higher-level positions that can bring higher pay and job satisfaction.
  3. The opportunity to achieve advanced-level certification upon entry-level Cisco certifications can be vital. It generates more options for the professional and doesn’t leave the individual idle in a single position but creates a place for more opportunities in expanding one’s career.
  4. A Cisco certification may become a requirement for a particular job profile in an organization. With the extensive adoption of Cisco products and services in organizations and businesses, there are a lot of tasks that directly require you to have sound understanding and skills in the distinct Cisco technology. Hence, you may be required to get the relevant Cisco certification to be eligible for the job.
  5. Along with its internationally recognized certification programs, Cisco is known for its valuable resources, training programs, and communities. You must own a skill set that enhances your productivity at work. The Cisco resources and training programs are intended to equip you with the extensive fundamental knowledge and practical experience. You will also be able to communicate with experienced and skilled professionals in the field to gain rare insight information on your domain.

Cisco Certification Exam Preparation

SUCCESS A THING EVERYONE DREAMS OF IN THEIR CAREER!! Earning the Cisco certification can be an attractive prospect, but a minor obstacle comes your way in the name of the Cisco exam preparation. Indeed, taking Cisco exams without thorough preparation before will result in a loss of money and time.

Failing to prepare appropriately for your Cisco exam is destructive at worst and frustrating at best. Pointless to say, the kind of influence this will have on your money as you look to retake your exams. But the significant thing is that there are plenty of study materials available to pass your exam preparation. For instance, on the official Cisco website, you can obtain the instructor-led classes to all the aspiring applicants across the world. You can, for that reason, opt for the classroom training provided if this learning method suits you.

Other learning options that Cisco provides include a lot of self-study materials, study groups, the Cisco platinum learning library, and the Cisco press. What’s more, you can also prepare for your certification exam by taking the Cisco practice tests. The most significant advantage of practice tests is that they gauge your understanding of the key concepts in the actual exam, apart from highlighting your strong and weak points that require further improvements.


Cisco is one of the certification vendors that has acquired global acknowledgment for its high-tech products and services. So, study thoroughly for the exam, join in learning communities, and utilize trusted platforms to achieve the desired Cisco certification!

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