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Brief Overview of Microsoft 70-767 Exam and Useful Tips & Tricks to Pass It

The market for experienced data analysts is currently higher than the supply. This indicates that organizations are about to go out of their way in remunerating the few available professionals. At the moment, data management is an area that still needs more professionals. To make sure that breaches are filled, Microsoft has introduced certifications that qualify learners to become competent data managers.

One of these certifications is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL 2016 Business Intelligence Development. To achieve this certification, you must sit for two exams, which are 70-767 (Implementing a Data House Using SQL) and 70-768 (Developing SQL Data Models). Microsoft 70-767 exam is one of the exams needed to achieve Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics certification.

Still, this article will present you with all the details you need to know about the 70-767 exam and tips to prepare for the exam. This exam is designed for data warehouse developers engaged in creating BI (Business Intelligence) solutions. As a developer, you’ll be engaged in tasks like data cleansing, ETL, and implementation of a data warehouse.

Microsoft 70-767 Exam Details

Microsoft 70-767 exam comprises 40-60 questions that you’re expected to answer within 150 minutes. Microsoft doesn’t give the precise type of questions before the exam, so be prepared that it may differ frequently. However, the question types may involve multiple-choice, build lists, drag-and-drop, active screen, case studies, review questions, short answers, and best answer. To pass the 70-767 exam, you must obtain a passing score of 700 points. Pearson Vue is the site where you need to schedule your exam. The exam cost is 165 USD.

Microsoft 70-767 Exam Syllabus Objectives

The objective of this exam is to measure your skills in carrying out the following technical tasks:

  • Maintaining, designing, and implementation of a data warehouse
  • Extracting, transforming and loading data
  • Generating data quality solutions

Exam Prerequisites

If you’re preparing to achieve the MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development, then you are expected to have the basic IT skills. You can get them on your own or to pass the essential IT exam and to get the MTA certification from Microsoft. This certification is not a must; that’s why you are free to make a decision.

If you are going to get the MCSE Data Management and Analytics certification, you need to own one of the following MCSA certifications: SQL Server 2012/2014, SQL 2016 Database Administration, SQL 2016 Database Development, SQL 2016 BI Development.

Best Tips and Tricks to Pass Microsoft 70-767 Exam

This exam is a bit challenging, and you may have to spend 4-5 months studying for it. Your practical experience will help you pass this exam. You have to go through the topics many times to understand the exam material thoroughly. So, what’s the perfect way to prepare for the 70-767 exam? The tips described below will help prepare for the exam. Make sure you take your studies. Sincerely.

Understand the Skills Measured in the Exam

The objectives or skills that the exam evaluates you in are the essential aspects of the exam. Read through the syllabus topics many times to ensure you’ve not overlooked anything. Though you’ve included all the topics, come back to the skills measured and ensure if you’ve learned them all. You can acquire this information and other exam details from the Microsoft Website.

Use Appropriate Study Guides

Learning from study guides is a great way to understand the topics covered in the exam and to understand the exam objectives. It’s the first thing you should get before starting your exam preparation. Moreover, the 70-767 study guide will help you organize your time effectively. The recommended study guide for the Microsoft 70-767 exam is Exam Ref 70-767 Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse.

Register for an instructor-led course

Microsoft suggests Implementing a SQL Data Warehouse instructor-led course for your 70-767 exam prep. You can select the on-demand or classroom option, according to your availability. If you have some problems while reading a study guide or an optional book, you can ask your instructor to explain the question that arose.

Take Video Courses

Taking a course, make your preparation more thorough and sufficient. The course offered by Microsoft is the first one you should give your attention to. Still, the best ones can also boost your exam preparation. Below, you’ll find some authentic courses that you can make use of.

Take 70-767 Practice Tests

Practice tests are beneficial in passing your Microsoft 70-767 exam. These tests are the ideal way to get the perception of the exam. Well, the Microsoft official practice test can get the Microsoft website. Many reputable websites also there to help you out with your preparation.

For Recommended Microsoft 70-767 Certification Practice Tests

Click Here

Reasons to Earn Microsoft 70-767 Certification

If there’s one exam that IT professionals should go for, then it’s this specific one. There are several reasons to pass this Microsoft certification exam. The job market demands more data analysts. It indicates that by achieving your MCSA or MCSE certification, you’ll be among the few professionals whose skills are in great demand. Here are more reasons to take and pass the 70-767 exam:

  • You obtain a certification awarded by the industry leader
  • You’ll acquire unique and most in-demand skills
  • Passing the exam increases your self-confidence and encourages you to scale up the career ladder
  • Your opportunities for getting a job go soaring
  • Excellent and unique skills mean better pay by the employers
  • You become a valuable employee when it comes to your responsibilities
  • You’ll get preference for internal promotions


Understanding the appropriate study material to study for your exam prep is only the initial step. You must consciously spend sufficient time and concentrate on your studies. There’s no shortcut to passing the Microsoft 70-767 exam. Make sure you have all the concepts learned and compartmentalized a few days to take your exam. This way, you will be confident of passing your exam to obtain your MCSA SQL 2016 BI Development or MCSE Data Management and Analytics certification. With any of this certification, you can make a prominent career as a data analyst, BI analyst, or database analyst.

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