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Tips on How to Self-Study for LPIC-2 Exams

The LPIC-2 certification will confirm the applicant’s expertise to manage small to medium-sized mixed networks. LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) is a worldwide professional Linux certification issued by LPI. This certification is a world standard, vendor-neutral, and the world’s most sought-after professional accreditation. LPIC is recognized and certified by individuals in the use of Linux technology certification programs.

LPIC-2 Certification Exam Overview

LPIC-2 is the second certification in LPI’s multilevel professional certification track. To get LPIC-2 certification, you require to pass LPI 201 and 202 exams (201-450 and 202-450). Each exam is consists of 60 multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions answerable in 90 minutes. You must also have active LPIC-1 certification to be eligible for the LPIC-2 certification exam. You need to pay $200 for each exam. LPIC-2 certification is valid in 5 years.

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How to Prepare for the LPIC-2 Certification Exam?

Study Well

First, find out exactly what LPI expects from you. Look at their “exam objectives” regarding LPIC-2 201 and LPIC-2 202 so that you are ready to design your preparation strategy appropriately.

Obtain the Right Study Material

There are lots of available study materials to pick from. First, find out what kind of learner you are, then obtain the appropriate study material. According to your learning method, you can choose from  classroom training, a book, or study from videos. Most significantly, make sure you are dealing with updated study material. I often hear that applicants order books or subscribe to online training only to discover later that the materials they have purchased were not updated.

Take your Time

The learning process is a time absorbing one. If you are new to using Linux, you perhaps will need extra time to accommodate to the new environment. Acquiring lots of new commands and learning to practice the command line itself will contest you to change your habits concerning how you move through a system. Studying 1-2 months for an exam is essential to get a good grasp of the concept.

Install a Linux system!

To practice for the LPI exam, you certainly have to install at least one Linux distribution on your system. Usually, according to the thorough objectives of LPI, you require experience with one rpm-based distribution like CentOS along with a Debian-package based Linux distribution like Ubuntu. If you have a spare machine, install both types of Linux system on it. If you do not have any new system, you could use an environment like VirtualBox to install a virtual machine on your computer. You can then install all Linux Distributions within this virtual machine.

Take LPIC-2 Mock Test

Take mock tests equal to the actual LPI exams and practice a lot with them. In this way, you will obtain expertise answering the style of questions that LPI asks on their certification exam.

Before taking the actual LPIC-2 certification exam, you can solve practice questions, and then you will be sure that you will pass the exam with a good score. If you think you have adequately prepared for the exam, you can solve these exam practice tests to judge your skills. This will let you know whether you are ready or not.

Take Notes During the Exam

Remembering and revising before the exam is important for the applicants for good performance. This can be done by making short notes. Going through them just a day before the exam will guarantee that you remember all that you have studied that will boost your confidence in attempting the LPIC-2 exam.


With the emergence of technology and the ever-changing demands, it is becoming vital for developers and engineers to stay updated with the latest developments. They must have knowledge of the advanced technologies being practiced and new products that are being created throughout the world.

To have advanced knowledge in Linux, LPIC-2 certification can be a prerequisite. It not only gives you the essential information but also equips one with the fundamental skills that are expected as an engineer.

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