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Start a Career in Digital Forensic with CHFI Certification

The EC-Council CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) Certification imparts the essential skills to detect an intruder’s footprints and to properly collect the needed evidence from prosecuting in the court of law.

The CHFI certification is best suited for Police and other law enforcement professionals, Defense and Military personnel, Systems administrators, e-Business Security professionals, Banking, Insurance and other professionals, Legal professionals, Government agencies, IT managers.

CHFI v9 gives in-depth methodological access to computer forensics and evidence analysis. It is a comprehensive certification, including core forensic investigation scenarios that empower applicants to get hands-on experience on different forensic investigation methods and standard tools required to successfully execute a computer forensic investigation.

Prerequisite for EC-Council CHFI Certification

An individual successfully achieves the certification for CHFI after passing the EC-Council 312-49 Exam. This is a four-hour exam with a multiple-choice format and comprises of 150 questions that are to be answered. An eligible applicant can take the CHFI exam across various EC-Council exam centers around the world.

The EC Council CHFI certification is extremely coveted; with this certification, an individual can demonstrate their skill in chasing hackers at any cost. This exam thoroughly measures the skills of an individual in employing the most advanced forensic approaches and in keeping data. The EC Council has been making an effort to retain the high integrity of its certification and so has established high standards for passing the 312-49 exam. To qualify for the EC-Council 312-49 exam, an applicant needs to satisfy specific criteria. They can either take the exam with prior training or with no prior training.

Expert Tips to Help You Become a Successful CHFI Professional

Skills Acquired by CHFI Certification

The prime objective of a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification is to investigate essential information and discover its owner in the real world. They tackle cyber-crimes such as infringement of intellectual property, corporate theft, or its destruction, the devastation of evidence including financial fraud. CHFI certification helps an individual understand the methods and processes associated with obtaining digital information concerning cybercrimes legally. The duty of a Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator is to collect information from gadgets like PCs, flash drives, and computers.

CHFI certification qualifies an individual for how to employ the advanced digital forensic tools and technologies which are used to carry out investigations. They are taught penetrating techniques that help them connect virtual information to the real world.

Benefits of EC-Council CHFI Certification

The CHFI certification draws many benefits when you receive it. Some of the benefits involve;

CHFI certification Is Essential for Networking

If you want to establish your career in digital forensic, it is necessary to take the EC-Council CHFI exam and pass the exams. No matter how expert you are, most organizations will always ask for the certification to be specified.

Job Opportunities

The EC-Council CHFI certification is evidence that you are committed and hard-working. This helps you to work with the many IT organizations across the globe that are seeking for experts. With CHFI certification you get your feet into the digital forensics field.

Higher Earning Potential

Earning potential is the most appealing reason why most people prefer to undertake certification. A recent survey has revealed that people who have achieved Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification are likely to receive a better salary than non-certified professionals. It is, therefore, necessary for any individual who is interested in adding some more zeros to their payslip.

Stepping Stone for Higher-Level Certificates

Once you achieve your Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification, you are qualified for a higher level of digital forensics certifications.

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In this digital era, where cyber-crimes appear to be overgrowing, professionals with Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification can be advantageous to corporates and agencies in any industry. As the world is becoming more digital, sensitive information is at risk every second of the day. There is an increasing demand for qualified CHFI professionals as having an individual with exceptional computer forensics expertise can be consoling for organizations, and these individuals can come of use in case of a cyber-emergency.

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