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CSSLP Certification: Why Should You Earn It?

CSSLP or Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional is one such IT certification offered by ISC2, which is best suited for software developers and security professionals who are assigned the responsibility of application security. One of the world’s leading IT security organizations, ISC2, offers several significant-tech certifications to help IT professionals attain greater heights in their careers. After obtaining this certification, you will be regarded as proficient in assuring the security of each of the vital aspects of the Software Development Product Lifecycle (SDLC).

Earning this internationally acknowledged CSSLP certification to secure software development will help prove your skills in front of prospective employers as they will be able to take advantage of your skills in comprising best security practices into each aspect of the SDLC. These organizations will perceive that you have advanced technical skills and understanding essential for authorization, authentication, and auditing throughout the SDLC. It will also prove you as someone expert in using best practices, following enduring policies and methods throughout cybersecurity, which are recommended by industry specialists.

CSSLP Exam Objectives that you will need to understand and prepare for before opting for the exam.

The CSSLP Exam Is Focused on Eight Domains:

  1. Secure Software Concepts (13%)
  2. Secure Software Requirements (14%)         
  3. Secure Software Design (16%)
  4. Secure Software Implementation/Programming (16%)
  5. Secure Software Testing (14%)
  6. Secure Lifecycle Management (10%)
  7. Software Deployment, Operations, and Maintenance (9%)
  8. Supply Chain and Software Acquisition (8%)

Why Take the CSSLP Exam?

The CSSLP certification acknowledges that you own it around industry-leading application lifecycle security skills.

The CSSLP confirms employers and colleagues you have the advanced technical skills and expertise necessary for the authorization, authentication, and auditing throughout the SDLC employing best practices, measures, and policies defined by the cybersecurity experts at ISC2.

For instance, the exam offers expert clarification that you are an expert in the “Lifecycle” of software development shortly afterward, the secure design from Define to Deployment.

Job Profiles You can Get After Passing ISC2 CSSLP Exam:

  • Quality assurance tester
  • Penetration tester
  • Software procurement analyst
  • Application security specialist
  • Software program manager
  • Project manager
  • Security manager
  • IT director and IT managers
  • Software architect, Engineers, and Developers

Reasons to Earn ISC2 CSSLP Certification

CSSLP Certification Makes You a Niche Player

There are few CSSLP’s in the field, and possibilities are you will be one of the individuals on Linkedin that will pop up during a hiring process.

As an expert, you will be magnificent and will be able to have prompt credibility throughout the secure design. You will have the experience to deal with risks, issues, and application vulnerabilities throughout the application development lifecycle (SDLC).

For instance,- you understand the controls and how to execute the appropriate ones.

Proves You Are a Competent Security Professional

The ISC2 CSSLP Exam was created and is also governed by the same organization – ISC2 that created and administered the CISSP exam.

The CSSLP exam is the renowned security certification in the industry around the SDLC secure design. Taking the exam and passing the exam gives you instant credibility as a secure software design professional.

The software security professional is well-versed in IT security best practices, software best practices, and SDLC fundamentals.

Becoming a Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional bestows your future or prevailing employer/customer validation that has taken the right decision around holding software-focused security professionals.

CSSLP Salary Is Attractive

As the importance and need for CSSLPs are growing, it is likely that it will be brought a hike promptly in the average CSSLP salary. However, there are a number of elements that affect the average CSSLP salary. The median salary of a Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional is approximately $143,150 for professionals with ten years of experience.

You are a Confirmed Project Manager

As a seasoned software developer, you have a solid and determinable experience in software projects. Professional software enterprises will right away recognize the value that will be beneficial. If the company you are working with does not acknowledge the worth you deliver, then you required to move forward.

After many years of experience in the field of software development, you have knowledge of projects, particularly software projects, and can execute the best project managers out there.

CSSLP Certification Confirms Your Expertise

Sometimes in IT, certifications are required to offer that foundation to your experience that can be the benchmark or acknowledged by non-technical hiring managers. Working with Facebook, Google, HP, or any other leading software organization does not prove you have a thorough understanding of software development.

Bottom Line

Take the CSSLP exam by ISC2 and enter the world of application security, with higher career prospect.

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