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ISACA CISA Certification Exam | Must Follow Prep Tips


The CISA, Certified Information Systems Auditor certification exam administered by ISACA is a renowned exam with a very low passing ratio. Many professionals have failed this exam due to inadequate preparation and guidance. CISA exam is identified as one of the most demanding and difficult exams in the IT Security domain and requires a lot of hard work on the part of the candidates.

The CISA is a four-hour long exam and comprises of 150 multiple-choice questions. The exam evaluates applicants’ understanding of five job practice domains:

To obtain the certification, applicants need to pass the exam with a score of 450 out of 800.

Prerequisite for obtaining CISA certification

There are some prerequisite for obtaining this sought-after CISA certification are explained as follows:-

  • Completing the CISA exam successfully have some prerequisites
  • Job requirements are required to be completed before getting the certification. The job requirements are at least five years of professional IS audit in the field of assurance or security, control, and work experience.
  • Submission of application is very much needed for CISA certification.
  • Adherence to the code of professional ethics is needed.
  • The adherence for continuing the professional education program
  • Compliance is required with the Information Systems and Auditing Standards.
CISA Certification | The Changing World Of Accounting

Here presenting tips for acing the CISA exam and getting top scores for the same:

Pay Attention to the Study Material for CISA Exam

ISACA presents CISA Review Material, also popular as CRM, which is exceptionally essential for CISA exam preparation. CRM offers an understanding of the complete syllabus and is also a reflection of what precisely you can expect in the examination. Therefore, it is crucial to go through the CRM in general, particularly the IT terminologies.

Go Through the CISA Blogs Regularly

Take advantage if technology around you. CISA can certainly be affirmed as an obscure exam where questions usually measure your broad array of knowledge. So, the more blogs and other relevant material you read, the better you score in the exam. For better scores in the CISA exam, it is recommended to subscribe to different blogs that offer prep tips and also to go through the official site of essential information and updates about the exam.

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Emphasize on Situation Based Questions

CISA is challenging for practical application-based questions, and it is more useful to retain yourself prepared for the same. CISA is a pen and paper-based exam, and a major part of it is rote learning-based, so it demands a lot of practice perform well in the exam.

Regular Studying

Regular studying is an unconditional necessity for cracking the CISA because of the vast amount of retention you require to do during the exam. CISA requires reminiscing a large number of figures and facts, and you can get them right only with frequent practice. So, it is wise to designate regular hours to your study to practice for the exams.

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Find a Study Partner

CISA is a challenging exam, and getting a study partner helps you in overtime. You can share your expertise and explain problem-solving strategies in study groups to help you get a better exam score.


Passing the CISA exam isn’t a cake walk, and it’s created this way for a cause: Only the best of the best will receive the CISA certification. But, when you take the time to study and prepare appropriately, you’re well on your way for this IT Audit certification.

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