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MTA Security Fundamentals Certification: What Experts Say and How to Ace the Exam

MTA Security Fundamentals 98-367 Exam is designed for applicants attempting to confirm their core network and computer security skills and opens doors to excellent opportunities in the IT industry.

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) is the primary Microsoft certification for candidates contemplating a career in technology. MTA certification addresses a wide range of basic technical concepts, evaluates and certifies your core technical expertise, and improves your professional credibility. The Security Fundamentals exam measures your thorough foundational understanding of the different technologies and options when securing networks, servers, and workstations.

What Are People Saying About MTA Security Fundamentals 98-367 Certification?

  • 63% of individuals seeking employment said “help my career progression” was the most significant reason for getting their Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals 98-367 Certification.
  • 45% said obtaining their MTA Security Fundamentals Certification helped them receive higher salaries.
  • 42% said achieving their Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals Certification help them to get the jobs easily.
  • 91% said they would advise a colleague or friend to obtain Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals Certification

Microsoft professionals are among the most desired employees by most organizations and businesses throughout the world. Most employers often search for IT professionals who work with services associated with Microsoft. When you get certified, you boost your opportunity of landing these jobs. The MTA certificate paves your way towards earning the higher-level Microsoft certifications.

MTA Security Fundamentals 98-367: Exam Information

MTA 98-367 exam has approximately 40-60 questions that need to be completed. However, the number of questions in the exam may vary from time to time. There are multiple-choice questions in the exam. Microsoft 98-367 is split into the following sections:

  1. Security Layers (25-30%)
  2. Operating System Security (35-40%)
  3. Understanding Network Security (20-25%)
  4. Understanding Security Software (15-20%)

Though you do not need many skills before taking the exam, you should have basic computer understanding. It is possible to pass the exam without any essential expertise. However, when you have them, you will pass easily and practice your knowledge in the future.

MTA Security Fundamentals 98-367: Preparation Tips

Despite the fact that you can opt for the Microsoft 98-367 certification exam with no former skills, it may still be difficult. Having basic computer knowledge before appearing for the exam is vital because it makes it simpler for you to study for the exam. You can use the resources according to your learning style for this exam. Here are few tips to help you pass Microsoft 98-367:

Create an Effective Study Plan

You must create a study plan that you will follow throughout your preparation for MTA 98-367 exam. This will help you to organize your study time and give you a picture of direction. Make sure that you assign sufficient time to each topic for you to cover all the objectives that will be measured in the exam.

Understand the MTA Security Fundamentals Exam Objectives

The exam is geared towards the topics listed above, and you must understand the exam objectives to study in an appropriate way. This provides you a distinct picture of what to anticipate and so you can design your study plan around it. Studying all objectives of the exam will help you to pass it.

Join an Online Forum or Community

You need to join an online community is dedicated to the same MTA 98-367 exam you are preparing for. This is a great learning tool, particularly during the sessions where applicants ask questions and get answers from other members. You will be able to acquire a lot of knowledge and study topics that you may have ignored.

Take Practice Tests

Practice tests are great for revision, and you can use the ones from a reliable platform. By answering the MTA 98-367 questions that are similar to those you will confront during the exam, you polish up on learning. You also get to know topics that you may not have grasped them and need to study them again.

Avoid Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are questions and answers taken from past exams that have been copyrighted for objectives of protecting Confidential Information and shared for plans of cheating or profit. The concepts tested on the Microsoft Security Fundamentals 98-367 exam require crucial analysis and evaluation, skills that are effectively obstructed by using braindumps. Microsoft wants you to count on your expertise and a definite thought process to give the correct answers. So, avoid exam dumps at any cost.

An Introduction to Microsoft 98-367 Security Fundamentals Certification


The Microsoft 98-367 certification exam can open the door to plenty of career opportunities and paves the way to higher-level certifications. Study for the exam properly using the practice tests and other relevant study resources.

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