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Start Your Journey With Azure and Prepare for the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam

Whereas most Microsoft exams are technical, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam is not. The Microsoft AZ-900 exam is, instead, intended for individuals who are involved in being able to confirm a basic level of knowledge of cloud services and how they pertain to Microsoft Azure.

Those who would avail most from the Microsoft AZ-900 exam are those people having non-technical backgrounds, as well as individuals engaged in selling or buying cloud solutions such as Azure. Professionals who need to confirm their basic level of knowledge is encircling cloud services. For example, Azure will also avail from the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam. Although technical experience isn’t required to study for and get through the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, some comprehensive IT knowledge or experience would help.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Information

The AZ-900 exam should be considered as a launching pad in the learning process concerning cloud services.

Though, taking this exam is not acknowledged as a requirement for any other Azure-based certifications.

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam objectives are split down into four definite groups:

  • Understanding Cloud Concepts (15-20%)
  • Understanding Core Azure Services (30-35%)
  • Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust (25-30%)
  • Understand Azure Pricing and Support (20-25%)

Microsoft AZ-900 exam comprises of 40-60 questions that you need to complete within 60 minutes. Microsoft doesn’t reveal the definite number of exam questions asked in the exam; you’ll know it right there at the exam. You can take this examination in English or Chinese at a relatively low cost of $99. The passing score is 700 out of 1000.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Preparation

Studying for a Microsoft exam can be daunting, but not if you have structured an effective study schedule. To start with, you should understand the topics and then create a schedule that emphasizes when you should begin and how much time you need to assign. Since there are four main topics for MCSE AZ-900, you should design a guide that will include all the topics.

One excellent way to ensure that you have studied all the topics is by joining both self-paced and instructor-led courses offered by Microsoft. These official training materials are an excellent alternative to books. Plus, these are extremely interactive that makes learning more enjoyable. The self-paced course is free of cost yet comes along all the things you require to know about the exam. The instructor-led course is best suited for those who want to study at their own favored time and place. Though this is a paid course, this is greatly beneficial because it’s a one-on-one training customized.

To assess if you have grasped all the topics thoroughly, don’t forget to attempt the practice tests. Besides the official training resources provided by Microsoft, you can search around the online platform and explore their vast collection of practice tests. They provide a distinguished range of study guides, training courses, audio guides, and even AZ-900 practice tests.

What’s Next After Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification?

The AZ-900 certification provides strong foundations for greater advancement in each of the available tracks. For most developers who would like to acquire distinct practical Azure skills, the next move needs to be AZ-204 certification. It is the replacement of the prior version (AZ-203). Though the latest version is still in beta, you can formerly opt for both exams. Since AZ-203 is going to retire in September 2020, it is good to start immediately with AZ-204 certification. This certificate is best suited for developers who have at least a year of commercial experience and have a fundamental knowledge of the Azure platform.

Top 5 Reasons to Go for Microsoft Azure Certification


Because Microsoft is expeditiously revising its certification program, it’s great to start with the basic certification first. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is created for those who want to explore the Azure domain. So, prove your introductory comprehension of cloud service with Microsoft AZ-900!

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