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Real Value of SAS Certification

The next time you think for a seek job or job change, question yourself “What might a recruiter view for in an ideal candidate with SAS certification? It is an only educational qualification?” It is undoubtedly not only education that is an essential portion of a recruiter but relevant skillset as well.

“90% of SAS aspirants pass base sas certification with the help of AnalyticsExam’s online practice exams”

Skill-set becomes even more necessary in case of lateral hiring. That is why it’s sometimes required to earn certifications in your field. SAS Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement. That becomes highly essential for an analyst in the field of data science/analytics.

While there are a lot of organizations, who are in search of experts with specific skill sets like an experience of SAS.

Benefits of SAS Certification

Here’s are the benefits of receiving SAS certified:

1. Test of Knowledge with SAS Certification:

Certification is proof of your education. As of now, SAS is ruling the market, so gaining SAS certification is going to help you in getting a job. Banks and many MNCs use SAS as their basic analytics and data mining device.

2. Enhanced & Diversified Learning Experience:

The method of preparing for the SAS exam leads to improvement in your skills and expertise. In your day-to-day work, you might be only using the limited functionality of SAS. Preparing for SAS exam gives you all round learning experience of all functionality and capability of the tool.

3. SAS Credential:

When you earn a SAS credential, you also get a digital badge, which you can share documenting your accomplishment. The SAS Certification certainly highlights your CV. It helps in distinguishing people who pretend to know SAS from those who know it.

During interviews, many candidates read the basics superficially and claim to see the tool. At times, they can crack interview, still incapable of performing while employed. Certification supports recruiter to be sure that the candidate they are hiring perceives SAS.

4. Discover as You Make:

SAS Certification in your general range of work can increase your income without even paying a visit to a regular classroom. Becoming certified in your area enables you to achieve experience in your sector while working towards a better growth prospect. Business Analyst professionals can jump ahead in their careers while in their current employment.

5. Excellent to Discover the Basics of Data Mining:

SAS Certification aids in explaining the basics of how to query databases and perform analyses, importing and exporting raw data files, manipulating data, joining SAS data sets and creating reports. It provides the best knowledge required to start a career in data analytics.

6. Practical Oriented including the Focus on Job:

Another advantage of taking SAS certification is that its curriculum is very job-focused. Unlike many other credentials which are mostly academics oriented, SAS credentials are practical with a focus on the job specifications. So, this certification gets you job-ready. For this specific purpose, SAS stands usually taken as role-based-learning opposed to knowledge-based learning.

7. Quite-structured Practice:

SAS certification is one of the several structured and regular learning experience. It entails:

  • Reading the language of basics.
  • Creating data internally, reading and writing from external files.
  • Data preparation, transformation, and manipulation.
  • Identify and correct data, syntax, and programming logic errors.
  • Create necessary detail and summary reports using SAS procedures.
  • Versioned and no expiry of certificate.

SAS has now stated to provide a versioned credential. If yourself do certify in SAS 9.4, the certification will merely state version 9.4. Also, with newer capabilities and features adding to a current version, it ensures it communicates precisely the expertise the candidate was evaluated and approved. Moreover, there is no expiry of the certification. It is always valid.

8. SAS Certification is Globally Accepted:

SAS credentials are globally recognized. Beyond more than 120 countries in the world, there is an excess of 1 Lakh certified person. SAS Certification credentials remain extremely valued by business organizations, academicians, and educational institute. SAS also offers good discounts for students, academic staffs. That has ensured a broad category of people being certified and realize it.

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9. End Determinations

Creating a flourishing career is like setting trees. Give the tree plenty room, full light, and full time. It will return you air, shade, and value as it grows. Same is your career. Invest enough in skill set, learning, and hard work, and it will beautifully bloom into a successful and productive SAS career!

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