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Become a PM Pro With CompTIA Project+ Certification

CompTIA Project+ is best for professionals who are expected to manage smaller, less intricate projects as part of their other job responsibilities.

It is more versatile than other project management certifications because it comprises essential project management concepts exceeding the extent of just one methodology and framework.

The CompTIA Project+ is designed to exhibit confirmed learning and expertise in project management. It certifies the ability to start, supervise, and maintain a project or business advantage.

Prerequisite for CompTIA PK0-004 Exam

However, to excel in the Project Management career, you will need to have a degree in information technology, computer science, telecommunications, and relevant areas.

And also, To get a good grasp of the certification, you will have to get a definite level of understanding in project management.

How Appropriate is CompTIA Project+ for the Project Management Career?

Professionals who receive CompTIA Project Plus certification are equipped with the skills to manage the projects IT and Telecom. The applicants who have successfully cleared the CompTIA Project Plus PK0-004 exam will have the following skills:

Project Basics: Abstract the properties of the project, schedules, phases, roles and responsibilities, and cost management, along with identifying the fundamental aspects of Agile methodology.

Project Constraints: Predict the implications of diverse constraint variables and influences right across the project and clarify the significance of risk strategies and activities.

Communication and Change Management: Perceive effective communication methods of influence and employ change control processes within the context of a project.

Project Tools and Documentation: Compare and contrast different project management tools and analyze project and partner-centric documentation.

Launch a Project Manager Career with CompTIA Project+ Certification

What Are the Job Opportunities?

  • The CompTIA Project+ certification assessment includes the entire project management lifecycle, comprising initiation, planning, implementation, control, and closing down.
  • Project Plus certification has always been the first preference for employers. It makes it easy for employers to acknowledge the skill for their project requirements.
  • And also, many countries will collaboratively increase employment opportunities for project management to 33% throughout this same 10-year period.
  • India, United States, China, Japan, and Brazil are the leading five countries. (Source: Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report, 2017-2027)
  • Furthermore, The Project Management Institute foresees a higher need for project management 2017-2027.
  • Certified professionals can obtain a job in any industry as project managers in organizations like Facebook, Oracle, and many others.

What is the salary range of the CompTIA Project+ Certified Professionals?

In the United States, the median salary for Project Plus certified professionals is approximately $67000 per year. Though part-time work can also be worthwhile and advantageous for advancing your career.

Is Project Management A Good Career Option?

If you are interested and ready to lead the team and you know how to evaluate time spent on a definite work and also, to know how to find productive decisions for any problem that appears, you should certainly give a try a career in Project Management.

Read: Key Benefits of CompTIA Project+ Certification

A project manager is highly sought-after in all industries. Businesses Today encounter militant competitions so, they require a well-organized approach to plan, control, organize, and manage their means (& internal capabilities) to carry out timely results. And these results should be aligned to business objectives and the most advanced business challenges.

Why You Should Get CompTIA Project+ Certified Today??

Project management is an exceptionally sought after skill in the technology industry and in numerous other sectors. Getting CompTIA Project Plus certified will give you additional benefits in your field, and equip you with extra skills to succeed.

Here are three reasons why becoming CompTIA Project Plus certified is important for you and your career.

Job Opportunity

It’s anticipated that jobs demand project management will proceed to increase in the future. This is an extremely outstanding opportunity, and it indicates that individuals having Project Plus certification are proven to have project management skills that will avail the most from the anticipated growth.

Salary Increase with CompTIA Project+

As project management skills are coveted, demonstrating to employers, you have project management skills can result in an increased salary. CompTIA certified individuals, on average, receive more than individuals without certification.

Your certification will offer you an advantage over non certified individuals. Employers are always attentive to hire individuals with distinct skills, and project management is a thriving skill that is hiring managers looking for. Your certification will ensure employers that you possess the knowledge and skills to accomplish projects in an effective manner.

Satisfies Business Requirements

The certification will help you understand an essential aspect of the business, allowing you to lead projects with confidence, accomplish on time, and within budget. This is excellent for you and your organization, as your project targets will be competently achieved. Your business will prosper and grow, and you’ll take pride in your hard work and achievements.


It’s a present-day demand to stay updated with the technology and business industry trends and stay updated with essential skills. Making sure that you attain CompTIA Projcet+ certification will let you uncover new job opportunities, receive higher salaries, and complete project goals on time with ease.

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