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Best InfoSec and Cybersecurity Certifications to Further Your Career

The following is a list of top four cybersecurity certifications. This list is out together after analysing job postings and salary survey reports, along with based on the common sense of how great different certifications are received within the information security field. Please keep in mind the following list addresses only common information security certifications – and does not cover multiple valuable add-on certifications that can be acquired after earning general certifications, nor does this list address any certifications definite to specific products or services.

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Best Cybersecurity Certifications to Further Your Career

ISC2 CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification includes a wide array of security-related domains, delving more in-depth into some domains than in others. The CISSP is designed to be pursued by people with many years of experience in the information security domain; so, professionals holding CISSP certification often receive higher salaries than do both their non-certified peers and colleagues having other certifications. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional impacts employers with the comfort of knowing that workers understand essential facets of more than just one or two domains of information security; as elements of information security are often extremely interconnected, such knowledge is precious and becomes essential as one climb the information-security management ladder.

The CISSP certification is offered by the global leader in information security certifications, ISC2 organization, vendors neutral and more enduring than many other certifications, and demands applicants to own many years of professional experience before obtaining certification. From a practical point of view, study materials and training courses for the CISSP exam are extensively available, and exams are conducted in more places and more frequently than are many other, if not all other, cybersecurity certifications. There are several add-ons to the CISSP for those involved in confirming their proficiency in information security management, architecture, and engineering.

Cybersecurity Certifications, CISSP, ISC2 CISSP Certification, CompTIA Security+ Certification, Security+, GIAC Certification, GSEC Certification, CISM, CISM Certification,ISACA, ISACA CISM, CISM Exam, CompTIA
3 Ways a CISSP Certification Can Benefit Your Career

One significant point– the CISSP does not gauge “hands-on skills” – professional looking to prove knowledge of entry-level IT auditing, security administration, penetration testing, etc., might aspire to consider earning either a more technically oriented, common certification such as CompTIA Security+, or a distinct product and skill certifications.

ISACA CISM Certification

The CISM certification offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) has become popular since its origin 15 years ago. As is probably apparent from its source of origin, the Certified Information Security Manager certification is usually a bit more focused than the CISSP on policies, procedures, and technologies for information security systems management and control, as usually takes place within large enterprises or organizations. As with the CISSP, to obtain a CISM, an applicant must have many years of professional information security experience. Even though the distinctions between the CISSP and CISM – with the earlier going deep into technical topics and the afterwards doing in the same way for management-concerning topics – there is also substantial overlap within them.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

For people interested in making their first move toward a career in cyber security, the CompTIA Security+ Certification is an excellent beginning. It is largely seen as one of the best entry-levle certification and a perfect way into the cybersecurity field. By obtaining the Security+ certification, you will be qualified to handle a broad range considerations that need to be taken into account to carry out successful security policies.

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GIAC GSEC Certification

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is the prime provider and creator of cyber security certifications and is internationally acknowledged by military, government, and industry leaders. GIAC measures and confirms the skill of practitioners in domains like forensics, security administration, software security, management, audits, and legal best practices.

GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC) is created for applicants who want to prove skills in IT systems roles and information security tasks. The GSEC is perceived as a greatly desirable certification; it equips applicants with common security best practices and approaches for real-world applications.

Like Security+, GSEC comprises a lot more “hands-on” practical material than the CISM or CISSP certifications, presenting it more worthwhile than those options in some scenarios and less desirable in others. Despite being marketed as entry-level, the GSEC exam is generally regarded as more complex and complete than Security+. In the case of GSEC, all certified professionals need to demonstrate continued professional experience or educational progress in the field of information security to retain their certifications.


There are many infosec and cybersecurity certifications vailable nowadays, and it can be challenging to pick which one to earn, as many of them are investment in both and money. And you should go for the most prominent ones, or more niche ones is up to you. But with this list in mind, we hope that those wishing to advance their career and skills in the InfoSec domain have found one to add to their resume.

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