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Sure Way to Pass Your MTA IT Infrastructure Certification Exam and Boost Your Tech Career

MTA IT Infrastructure certification provides vital technology skills and an industry-recognized certification to those just beginning a career path in IT, or those looking to improve their knowledge of IT fundamentals. MTA skills development infuses practical experience on how to utilize Microsoft technologies to resolve today’s business issues. It is the stepping stone to the higher-level Microsoft Certifications that differentiate the industry’s prime IT professionals and software developers.

MTA certification paves that critical “first step,” and the benchmark knowledge you require to successfully earn MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD certifications. To receive the certification, you need to pass the only one exam, taking the first move towards a career in IT.

The MTA: IT Infrastructure certification is consisting of of the following four exams:

You can take as many or as little of these exams as you wish to gain an MTA IT Infrastructure certification; for example, if you take the 367 exams, you will acquire an MTA in Security Fundamentals.

Jobs and Career Opportunities with the MTA IT Infrastructure Certification

The MTA IT Infrastructure is a globally recognized entry-level certification across the Telecoms, Finance, and Banking industry. As of 2020, the median salary of a Microsoft MTA Professional is £18,900 per year, with more than 90% being given a salary of more than £17,300 per year. The average salary for an MTA certified professional is estimated to be £17,300 per year.


After passing the certification exam, you can find work in positions such as Support Engineer and Technical Support with comparative ease. Below is a shortlist of the starting range of career opportunities offered to MTA IT Infrastructure:

  • Support Analyst
  • Support Engineer
  • 1st or 2nd Line Support
  • Technical Support
  • Network Engineer
  • Service Analyst
  • Administrator
  • Infrastructure Engineer

If you are planning to attempt any of the MTA IT Infrastructure exams, you must discuss some crucial points with an expert or Microsoft certified professional. Some of the essential tips to pass exam MTA exams are given below:

Choosing the ‘Right’ MTA IT Infrastructure certification

Which certifications should you own? In the end, it is a subject of individual preference and your career objectives. But, preparing for MTA exams can demand a huge amount of time.

Organize Yourself

You have to be sincere about passing the MTA IT Infrastructure exam. For this, you have to assign time for studying every day to understand all the exam objectives in-depth. If you keep on postponing the studies, you will get anxious in the last days of the exam.

Make Small Notes

After every topic you learned, don’t forget to make notes focusing on the core points of the topic. It is the best way to keep tabs on learning. Don’t perceive as childish things. No one is there who can understand the things in one go. You have to revise regularly for complete consideration.

Practice as Much as You Can

As the proverb is, practice makes perfect, and this is true in this case. The more you take the practice test for your chosen MTA IT Infrastructure exam, the better you will perform in the actual exam. You will also get familiar with what the questions look like, especially if there are any complicated ones you need to be aware of. The good news is that there are many practice questions available online, with many of them being free, that you can use. The great idea is to take time baound practice test.

Share Your MTA IT Infrastructure Knowledge With Friends

Partitioning your knowledge with friends and other colleagues is always helpful. In this way, you will acquire new things that you don’t know. Sometimes, you think that you know everything about the subject, but there are always some minor points that skip from your mind while preparing for the exam. So don’t forget to discuss the difficult topics with your friends.

Obtain Appropriate Study Material

To pass MTA IT Infrastructure exam, you should obtain relevant study resources like study guides, Ebooks, online videos, etc. You must look out for some other books with the same topic and try to learn from those. This is another way to improve your learning experience and pass the MTA certification exam successfully.

All these tips are beneficial to pass exam, no matter you are a fresher or an experienced IT professional.


Microsoft narrates the IT Infrastructure path as being “for those planning to build a career in desktop or server infrastructure or private cloud computing.” The MTA: IT Infrastructure certification path is also a good fit; though, for project managers and strategic planners who want to be well-versed about the technologies they come across in their everyday activities.

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