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Here’s How You Can Train to Get Your NetApp NS0-509 Certification

NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN Specialist ONTAP certification equips you with the skills for planning, implementing, integrating, and troubleshooting ONTAP SAN, FC switched fabrics, and Ethernet iSCSI/FCoE solutions, as well as various operating systems (Windows, LINUX, ESX, UNIX) and applications. Follow the below steps to pass NCIE SAN Specialist ONTAP NS0-509 certification exam.

How to Pass the NetApp NS0-509 Certification Exam?

To help you pass NS0-509 certification exam at the first try, make sure to make the most from the study resources, study guides, exam questions, online video courses, practice tests, and related blogs.

Tips to Pass NetApp NS0-509 Exam

1. Understand the NS0-509 Exam structure

To prepare thoroughly for the NetApp exam, you must have a clear understanding of the NS0-509 exam structure. This will help you have a hint of the areas where questions will be asked from. Remember that the exam syllabus changes periodically. Thus, you should always stay updated concerning the structure.

NetApp NS0-509 Exam syllabus is split into four categories:

  1. ONTAP SAN solution assessment
  2. ONTAP SAN planning
  3. ONTAP SAN implementation and configuration
  4. ONTAP SAN implementation testing and troubleshooting

2. Manage Your Time Efficiently

A vital part of the NS0-509 exam preparation is how you manage your time. This is especially true as you are a working professional. Family responsibilities or duties related to your work keeps you busy all the time. You will always find something about time that hinders you from obtaining the desired certificate. But every person has the same 24 hours a day, but others have been able to pass the exam, so you can also. This indicates that the way to earn a NetApp certification is about how well you can manage this confined time.

You can change your everyday routine throughout your preparation process. For instance, you can wake up an hour earlier or shorten the time for entertainment. You should understand that if you are not sincere about time management, even the most reliable and appropriate resources and study materials that you will use to prepare for the NS0-509 exam will be ineffective and useless.

3. Perform NS0-509 Practice Test

You shouldn’t overlook the importance of taking NS0-509 practice tests. These tests make you familiar with the exam format so that you get a perception of how the question pattern will be. This way, you will figure out where you are from the point of view of the exam and what flaws you have. You can work upon these areas and be well prepared to ace the exam.

4. Engage in an Online Forums

Joining a forum acquaints you to like-minded people who are preparing for the same certification as yours. This gives many advantages like discussing exam syllabus, sharing thoughts and study materials, kind of questions will be asked in exam, and getting guidance from certified professionals. You can ask your questions in the forum and get expert answers from other members.

5. Learn from Youtube

Youtube is full of great videos by experts who have passed or trained candidates to pass NetApp certifications. Take out some time and explore all the helpful resources available. Some have uploaded videos comprising full-length courses that a quick search will bring up.

6. Regular Breaks Will Do the Magic

A naive mistake that most applicants make is spending too much time studying for the NS0-509 exam. They study hard, trying to grasp too much content without taking a break. That is an inadequate study approach. Make sure that you distribute your study plan into time periods of not more than 2 hours. Trying to study your syllabus continuously without a break will only lead to forgetting a large portion of what’s been studied.

7. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Have a good night’s sleep the night before the actual exam. Staying awake and studying till late night is a big NO, as you will feel exhausted and sleepy while taking the actual NS0-509 exam.

8. Be Relaxed During the Exam

Be stress-free while taking the exam. Read all the questions carefully. If you’re uncertain about the answer, try to exclude the obviously wrong answers first. You can also mark the questions of which you are not sure and answer them later on.


Following the tips highlighted in this article will lead to the successful completion of the NS0-509 exam. Take your time and study for the exam properly as the world is waiting that you’ll demonstrate the gained knowledge after getting NetApp certification.

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