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CAPM Certification: Know the Worth of Taking the Entry Level Certified Associate in Project Management Exam in 2022

Is the CAPM certification worth in 2022? What is covered under the CAPM exam syllabus? What study plan works best for the certification? Is there any practice test to prepare for the CAPM exam? If your mind is clouded with these questions, just read on till the end to get clarity.

What is CAPM Certification and When Did It Come into Existence?

This CAPM certification is offered by the PMI or the Project Management Institute, an organization considered as the leader in the industry. The PMI offers a number of different certification types, including the PMP. Taking the CAPM opens your path to take the PMI certification.

The CAPM certification came into existence in the year 2003 to meet the rising choice for an entry-level certification exam in the field of project management.

Many PMI’s existing certifications were designed for established professionals, but the CAPM certification is meant for individuals who wish to make a name for themselves in the project management field, but might not have much experience under their belt yet.

This is why the CAPM certification became the most popular and attainable of the certifications available, and it is the correct choice for newbies who want to set themselves apart.

Who is Eligible for the CAPM Certification?

The certification doesn’t ask for strict eligibility requirements like the PMP or other exams for more skilled project management roles. Although, according to the CAPM Handbook, candidates who are interested in applying for the CAPM certification need to meet the following requirements:

  • The candidate must possess a high school diploma or any global equivalent degree.
  • He must have 23 contact hours of formal education in project management.
  • The candidate needs to record at least 23 hours of education by showing that they have successfully completed workshops, courses, and training sessions offered by approved education providers. That means that self-directed learning.

How to Get Your CAPM Certification?

  • If you meet all the eligibility criteria, then you’re ready to take the CAPM certification under your belt. But where should you start?
  • Start by registering yourself for the PMI account and filling out an online application. Once you start an application, it will stay open for 90 days.
  • During the 90 days, you can add any extra education hours that you complete. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to get all of your education hours completed before you apply for the certification and sit for the CAPM exam. As a candidate, you must submit your payment with the application. The CAPM certification costs $225 for PMI members in good standing, and $300 for nonmembers.
  • A percentage of applications will be randomly selected for an audit. At this time PMI will request that you provide documentation to prove that you have the required eligibility. It sounds difficult, but it’s pretty straightforward—and you have up to 90 days to get them the information they need.
  • Once the candidate makes it through the audit process, his one-year CAPM examination eligibility period begins. That means the candidate has one year and up to three attempts to pass the exam.
  • Once you become eligible, start discovering your CAPM syllabus. After completion of the syllabus, you can opt for a premium quality practice test to boost your confidence.
  • You can take the exam online or in a center, and it comprises of 150 questions. 15 of the questions are actually pretest questions, which means they’re unscored questions. So, only 135 of the total questions will add toward your final score.
  • A candidate gets three hours to complete the exam, but he might not need the entire time. Passing score comes in categories, declaring if the candidate needs improvement or target achieved like this.
  • If a candidate fails in his attempt for the CAPM exam, he is allowed to take up to three attempts within the one-year-long period. When the candidate passes the exam, the certification lasts for five years from the date your exam was passed. After that, you’ll need to take the exam again in order to become recertified.

Is the CAPM Certification Still Worth?

CAPM certification is ideal for individuals entering into project management. The certification is also beneficial for current managers who want to take on more responsibility. Early in your project management career, the certification can make you stand out in the job market. The exam opens a door for learning from the same PMBOK Guide as PMP practitioner’s use. The PMBOK Guide is a global standard for project management. Apart from increasing your job chances, a CAPM certification will act as proof to the following-

The CAPM certification is proof of your understanding of global project management fundamentals – knowledge, methods and terminology, and processes. It is proof that you can work with project teams.

The CAPM certification is so much value if you work in a project team. The certification remains valuable if you don’t lead and direct projects. This condition also applies to committee members, stakeholders, sponsors, and anyone else involved in the project.

The CAPM Certification Establishes Credibility:

Earning a CAPM certification needs the professional to meet specific, stringent guidelines that would check the candidate’s education, experience, and professional knowledge while sticking to the industry-standard code of ethics and professional conduct. The certified CAPM is seen to be highly skilled and trained on all aspects of project management, which undoubtedly boosts the professional’s credibility.

CAPM Makes You Confident to Lead A-Team:

The certification introduces the invaluable leadership skills of professionals that lead from the front in both the workplace and personal lives. Inexperienced project managers learn how to form, manage, motivate, and best utilize the team members in a variety of working conditions. CAPM certified managers can thus show their competency to be a vital resource in any business function.

Getting Informed With Best PM Practices:

The certification offers professionals with skill sets and gets acquainted with the best project management practices. It gives professionals the skills and knowledge to plan, execute, monitor, control, and complete a project successfully and stand out to potential employers.

Better Job Opportunities Rises:

The number of certified project managers is rising rapidly, so do the value of working with certified CAPM professionals for companies around the globe. All crucial companies recognize this internationally recognized CAPM certification. They value it while selecting the right candidates for their project management profile. Even with a little project handling experience, a certification proves your skills and understanding when it comes to managerial roles.

Increases Salary Drastically:

CAPM certification on your list of certifications is a bonus and can improve an individual’s salary up to 25%. As employers value CAPM-certified professionals over the non-certified ones, candidates with certifications can ask a higher salary than the non-certified professionals. PMI Certified Associate in Project Management is considered as one of the highest paying certifications with an average annual salary of $101,103.

Final Words:

Project management is of immense importance for all major global organizations. Through 2020, 1.57 million new jobs will be created each year and qualified practitioners are in demand. To cope up with this growing demand and fill the skills gap, project management professionals are advised to take the PMI’s Certified Associate in Project Management CAPM certification.

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