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Incredible Oracle 1Z0-133 Study Guide: Your Way to Success

Oracle WebLogic Server is the number 1 application server across conventional and cloud environments. By preparing for in Oracle WebLogic Server 12c exams, you can perceive how this scalable technology allows IT to change as the business grows. In this article, we will talk about Oracle WebLogic Server 12c – Administration I (1Z0-133) certification.

Who Should Obtain Oracle WebLogic Server 12c – Administration I (1Z0-133) certification ?

  • Developers
  • Senior IT Professionals
  • J2EE Developer
  • System Administrator
  • Systems Architects
  • Technical Administrator

“Oracle Certified Associate Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Administrator (OCA)” certification establishes the standard for WLS administrators. Passing the Oracle 1Z0-133 certification exam equips you with the skills to firmly develop server environments, troubleshoot, and tune performance. With Oracle WebLogic Server 12c certification being more cloud-ready than ever before, new peculiarities like Elastic JMS and Dynamic Clusters make it more straightforward to deploy WLS in a private or public cloud, or both.

Job Profiles You Can Get with Oracle 1Z0-133 Certification

  • Senior Virtualization Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Weblogic Administrator

If you are an IT professional, you already know how important the certifications are for your career advancement in the present job market. One thing is sure: you can’t just start your preparation before the two days of scheduled exam and expect to attain rewarding success.

An Exciting Journey Towards Oracle 1Z0-133 Exam and Getting Certified

The Oracle certification exams are not a walk in the park, but if you commit adequate time to understand Oracle 1Z0-133 syllabus topics, for sure, you are going to attain the desired scores. If you are aspiring to take the Oracle 1Z0-133 examination, the tips shared in this article will help you within your journey. Let’s take explore them.

Craft Out a Study Plan

Having a realistic study plan is very important for your preparation. You need to understand what to study and how to do it in the right manner. The first thing in crafting out a realistic study plan is to go understand the 1Z0-133 exam objectives. Knowing the exam objective thoroughly, you will chart out your study plan easily. If you are not familiar with some of the topics, you can allot more time for that particular topic.

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Make out how best to explore all the exam subjects and follow your study plan strictly. Irrespective of how busy and occupied you are in your day, it is vital to devote at least two hours for your preparation daily. By studying daily, you will notice how quickly you will develop expertise over the exam objectives.

For reference, to get the exam objectives you are meant to study before taking Oracle 1Z0-133 exam Click Here.

Obtain the Appropriate Learning Material

With a specific strategy in hand, the next step is to obtain study materials that you require. The first learning resource you should obtain is an appropriate study guide. This will help you explicitly understand the exam objectives and also the areas that you require to concentrate on. You can find many learning resources on online platforms. You can get different study materials, comprising youtube videos, training courses, and practice tests. You can find everything on the world wide web that you need to make your preparation process interesting and effective.

Take Advantage of Oracle 1Z0-133 Practice Tests.

Practice tests are an essential part of your preparation. You should take as many practice tests as possible and assure you get a very high score in that exams before taking the actual exam. Practice tests are intended to help you assess your knowledge level of the scope of the Oracle Weblogic Server 12c Administration I 1z0-133 exam topics. You can easily determine knowledge gaps in the content and work towards including them in your study. This means of learning also helps you get familiar with the actual exam environment and develop confidence. When it comes to selecting online platforms for practice tests, you have to choose the one which provides reliable and updated Oracle 1Z0-133 practice questions.

Relax and Ace Your Exam With Calm Mind

Once you have given your best for the Oracle 1Z0-133 exam preparation, the next step is to relax and ace it with the calm and composed mind. Don’t get worried. You need to be in the right mindset to answer all the questions correctly and that too within a given time. You will have to answer 77 questions in 120 minutes. Take enough rest the night before your exam. Pay close attention to the exam questions and make sure you understand each of them and what you are expected to do before concluding to the answer.


As you can perceive, the Oracle 1Z0-133 exam demands a lot of effort and dedication from you. You have to prepare with great consideration using updated and reliable study materials. Have faith in your preparation, and you will get the desired results. Happy Learning!!

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