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300-430 Certification: CCNP ENWLSI|Overview & Benefits

The 300-430, Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) certification offers a candidate with knowledge and skills to deal with wireless network infrastructures and troubleshoot any related problems.

The 300-430 certification teaches a candidate to implement and secure wireless network infrastructure and utilize Cisco Identity Service Engine (Cisco ISE), and Cisco Connect Mobile Experience and Cisco Prime Infrastructure (Cisco PI) to monitor and troubleshoot network-related issues.

Target Audience for the 300-430 Certification:

The 300-410 certification is suitable for professionals like-

  • Wireless network engineers
  • Sales engineers
  • Network designers

Details of the 300-430 Certification:

Pearson Vue conducts the 90 minutes long Cisco 300-430 exam. The no.of questions vary from 55-65 numbers. The passing marks also change from 750-850 marks depending on the question number.

Objectives of the 300-430 Certification:

The preparation of 300-430 certification allows a candidate to-

  • Implement network settings to offer a secure wireless network infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot wireless network security issues.
  • Execute a secure wireless client and troubleshoot wireless client connectivity issues
  • Implement and troubleshoot quality of service (QoS) in wireless networks
  • Implement and troubleshoot advanced capabilities in wireless network services

What Are the Prerequisites to Take the 300-430 Exam?

A candidate could highly benefit if he has knowledge in the specific areas-

  • General knowledge of networks
  • General knowledge of wireless networks
  • Routing and switching knowledge

How to Prepare for the 300-430 Exam?

Work on the 300-430 syllabus and complete the full syllabus. The syllabus of 300-430 exam covers topics like-

  • Device Hardening
  • Monitoring
  • Security for Wireless Client Connectivity
  • Advanced Location Services
  • Location Services
  • Multicast
  • QoS on a Wireless Network
  • FlexConnect
  • To get success in the exam, knowing each syllabus portion is very important.
  • After completing the 300-430 syllabus, joining a premium 300-430 practice test is vital to achieving success in the exam.
  • Joining Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks, ENWLSI training plays an important role in the preparation.
  • The 5 days training offers a candidate with much knowledge. The 300-430 Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1 training provides you the knowledge and skills needed to create a secure wireless network infrastructure and troubleshoot any related concerns. 
  • This training offers hands-on labs to reinforce concepts including Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller Release, deploying Cisco Prime Infrastructure Release 3.5, Cisco IOS XE Gibraltar 16.10, and Cisco ISE Release 2.4, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) Center Release 1.2.8, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Release 10.5, Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) Release 8.0 features.

Benefits of the CCNP ENWLSI Certification:

The 300-430 Certification Enhances Theoretical and Practical knowledge of A Candidate:

Cisco CCNP ENWLSI certification gives network engineers with theoretical and practical knowledge on network connectivity. With all these important knowledge as a network engineer, you will be in control in dealing with the process, creating and implementing plans, and carrying out projects. The 300-430 certification offers knowledge in different areas like Programming concepts, Python programming, APIs, Controllers Automation tools.

The 300-430 Certification Offers Vast Knowledge:

The 300-430 certification covers multiple levels and areas on the ability to work with Cisco Enterprise. This includes core skills in installation, formation, operation, and troubleshooting. Network engineers with ENWLSI CCNP certifications have achieved a certain level of competence. The certification also confirms that they have the right training, expertise, knowledge, and commitment needed in every job aspect. Accordingly, they can work with their job competently and competitively because of the extensive and effective coverage.

The 300-430 Exam Provides Hands-on Experience:

Recruiters and hiring managers best select out certified professionals because it shows that they had worked for the certification. Passing the CCNP ENWLSI certification exam means that you truly understand and learn the complexities of a network. Through the 300-430, you gain more knowledge and skills through different hands-on experience. The length of the period and the amount invested in being a certified CCNP are not underestimated.

Taking the CCNP Enterprise exam needs shelling out quite a high cost, effort, commitment, and hours of good studying. Consequently, this investment is worthy of its price because it brings valuable benefits to the engineer and the company being worked for. For personal benefits, being 300-430 certified easily sets the network engineer apart from the average and accordingly gains access to more opportunities in return. Further, this allows employers to see that this individual has the extra mile attitude to achieve what’s expected to work effectively and efficiently.

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CCNP Enterprise certification, ENWLSI certification, CCNP 300-430 sample questions, 300-430 syllabus, 300-430 study guide, 300-430 career benefits, 300-430 exam objectives, 300-430 audience, Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks certification

Bottom Line:

Being certified with Cisco was always a priority and would always be a priority for network engineers. The new Cisco certifications like the 300-430 set the path for more opportunities and career rise in Cisco Enterprise. So get prepared and get certified.

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