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Is it Easy to Build a Career Using NetApp FlexPod Certifications?

NetApp, Inc. is the data authority for the hybrid cloud that offers hybrid cloud data services for management and management of applications and data over the cloud and on-premises environments. NetApp presents two NetApp FlexPod certifications: FlexPod Design Specialist and FlexPod Implementation and Administration Specialist.

NetApp FlexPod logos and certifications will be granted to those candidates who successfully pass either of the following:

  1. Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Design (NS0-173) certification exam.
  2. Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Implementation and Administration (NS0-174) certification exam.

How to Get Ready for NetApp FlexPod Certification Exams?

The thing you should understand is that the exam questions can comprise several concerning any other topic; that’s why your preparation for the exam should be systematic. So, here are proven tips to score well in your NetApp FlexPod NS0-173 and NS0-174 exams.

  • To get the most authentic preparation, start from NetApp official website and the learning section, particularly. Here you’ll find the most appropriate information and study material like training, reference documents, practice tests, and also schedule your exam.
  • You can also explore online platforms that provide videos. In these videos, you’ll get the information about the NetApp certification exam from the seasoned IT professionals.
  • Take the NetApp Practice exam. The most updated and authentic NetApp Practice exam will help you revise and systematize the studied concepts. All these practice exams are designed in such a way that applicants come across the actual exam environment. Moreover, tracking the result of your practice exams will help you define the areas you still need to work on or simply determine how prepared you are to ace the NetApp FlexPod NS0-173 and NS0-174 exams.

Reasons to Earn NetApp FlexPod Certifications

1. Job Prospects

After passing the NS0-173 and NS0-174 exams from NetApp, professionals can qualify for different job positions like Network Engineer, Support Engineer, Network Technician. NetApp certified professionals have greater job availability than non-certified applicants.

2. Higher Paychecks

Professionals having NetApp certification can receive at least 10-15% more than non-certified peers. The chance to get also promotes increases and can also avail of rewarding job opportunities.

3. Prove Your Skills with NetApp FlexPod Certifications

NetApp certification listed on your resume signifies that you have acquired cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Certified from a respected organization like NetApp means that one has obtained the best knowledge and skills. Our life is enclosed with technology. If you want to boost your career, then it is best to keep abreast of the latest technology, and that is what precisely NetApp FlexPod certification does.

4. Appealing Resume

A resume is the only thing that talks about your education, skills, work experience, the knowledge that one has gained in their life. Once you have listed NetApp certification in your resume, you are ready to take work in the leading organizations. The organizations believe that such professionals will be an asset to the organization and lead the organization towards new heights.

5. Develop Self-Confidence

NetApp certification strengthens the self-confidence to apply for the job which one dream to work in. The skills and expertise that have been obtained through certifications develop the confidence to work with the latest technology.

6. Career Growth Opportunities

When it comes to finding a job in the networking domain, then earning NetApp Flexpod certifications place you in the leading row for career promotion and career growth. NetApp certifies will receive excellent career progression while switching to a new company.

They will be the first choice for the positions that have eminent growth in the future, as IT is a constantly developing world and the skills they hold need to be updated.

7. Opportunity to Work Throughout the World

The NetApp certifications are globally accepted and offer better job opportunities to work in countries like India, Dubai, Algeria, USA, UK, and Australia.


According to IT organizations, for better growth in an organization, it is vital to hire certified employees. NetApp certified professionals prove that they hold the right skills with the right training and dedication towards every aspect of the job. Passing NS0-173 and NS0-174 exams are not a walk in the park, still possible; if the applicant is hard-working, then no one can come in between their victory. Thus, sitting for NS0-173 and NS0-174 exams and passing them will pave you the way towards a rewarding career. Bear in mind the benefits you’ll get and begin your preparation process for the exam.

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