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AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Career Benefits

Azure Fundamentals, the AZ-900 exam, is an opportunity to prove a candidate’s knowledge about security and privacy in Azure, cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, as well as Azure support and pricing. A candidate should be familiar with general technology concepts, including networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.

Candidates for the AZ-900 exam should possess foundational knowledge of cloud services. The candidate must also know how those services work well with Microsoft Azure. The AZ-900 exam is intended for candidates who are just beginning to work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure. The AZ-900 exam could be excellent for anyone who is in one of the following categories:

  • A candidate is interacting with cloud computing for the first time.
  • He is entering the industry but doesn’t have a clear idea of how his career will play out or the specific role he targets.
  • The candidate is familiar with cloud computing but has virtually no experience with Azure itself.
  • You’re an on-prem sysadmin or architect who is transitioning into a cloud-based role.

Azure Fundamentals or the 1Z0-900 certification can be used to prepare for other Azure role-based or specialty certifications, but it does not work as a prerequisite for any of them.

Is It Really Worth Taking the AZ0-900 Certification?

Microsoft’s Fundamental certifications like the AZ-900 are great for any candidate taking their first steps into technology or thinking of a career change and adopting a new specialism in certifications. There is no such prerequisite for taking one of the Azure certifications, and a candidate needs a reasonable grasp of tech concepts, to begin with, Azure.

Currently, the AZ-900 is the only Azure-related Fundamental level certification. The certification covers the full scope of Azure basics, giving a candidate thorough foundational knowledge of the technology that’ll enable a candidate to drill down into a more technical area of the platform.

AZ-900 is the solution to the problem. Microsoft’s learning path can take virtually any candidate from a state to pass the exam in about ten hours of preparation. So taking the AZ-900 certification is really worth it.

This beginner’s badge from the AZ-900 certifies that a candidate understands basic cloud concepts, knows about core services Azure offers and their pricing, and the essentials of cloud security, compliance, and privacy.

To earn the AZ-900 certification, a candidate needs to prove knowledge of the benefits and advantages of using cloud services in general. He must understand the differences between core cloud service types like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, public, hybrid cloud, and private cloud models.

There are a vast number of services available on Azure. A candidate does not need to know them all inside-out, but he should describe Azure’s key architectural components, functions of some of Azure’s management tools, and some of the most popular products.

It will also cover the fundamentals of network security, identity services, governance methodologies, and the platform’s privacy, compliance, and data protection standards.

Here Are Some Benefits of Becoming AZ0-900 Certified:

If you are interested in clouding computing and have been somewhat skeptical about opting for the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam, you should rethink about the described points-

AZ-900 Gets You A Fundamental Knowledge Proof:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, the AZ0-900 certification is especially meant for individuals who are just beginning out their career in cloud computing. That means that whether you have an IT background or not, the credential will serve any candidate in the right manner. Firstly, a candidate needs to decide if he has chosen the correct field to grow, and secondly, to upgrade and develop those skills, a candidate needs to have a solid base. Knowing the basics and terms used in the industry with AZ-900 gives a firm foundation in your future career. Thirdly, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification acts as a great step before you opt for the associate-level certification.

A Candidate Can Make Informed Decision:

Under the Microsoft role-based certification roadmap, there are two wide areas of specialization with Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals as the basic certification. The first one involves administration, developing solutions, security technologies, and the second one – Data and Azure AI. Depending on the candidate’s choices, he can end up as a Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert or Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Having Azure Fundamentals, 1Z0-900 certification opens up a wide range of opportunities for your future career prospects. What you need to do is to choose the track that appeals to you most and follow it. Moreover, you’ll feel confident with the credential from the leading IT vendor – Microsoft.

AZ-900 Increases Your Chances to Earn More:

As discussed above, Azure AZ-900 skilled IT experts earn more than their counterparts who are not. If you pass the Azure Fundamental certification, you can take up more duties in your current job, especially when your organization uses cloud computing. For example, you can coach other team members who are new to Azure and get yourself to get a promotion with the possibility of getting a better pay scale.

Prepare Yourself for New Job Roles with AZ-900:

As a candidate adds the AZ-900 certification to his current qualifications, he can come across a better job role that needs someone with Azure’s basic knowledge. Although the AZ-900 certification may not be the core qualification for bagging the job, the certification could make you stand out among other candidates.

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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, AZ-900 certification, AZ-900 career, AZ-900 syllabus, AZ-900 sample questions, AZ-900 benefits, AZ-900 eligible candidates, AZ-900 overview

Bottom Line:

It is a proven fact that Microsoft applications are the most popularly used worldwide, whether for business or personal issues. Most of the computers use the Windows program. One of the reasons for choosing this is so because Microsoft applications are easy to learn and imply, especially when a candidate has relevant skills and knowledge. Therefore, most organizations will go for a solution that will not need huge investments in employee training and definitely this where the jobs are related to Microsoft Azure. So the career path for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, AZ-900, will always be in high demand.

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