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Must Read Before Taking Oracle 1Z0-448 Exam

The 1Z0-448 Oracle Data Integrator 12c Certified Implementation Specialist is a Data Implementation focused certification that intends to develop the practices. This certification is the best source for acknowledging the individuals who evaluate and monitor Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator.

Preparation for this Oracle 1Z0-448 exam will teach you how to increase performance and reduce integration costs throughout your organization’s complex systems. You’ll be able to organize data across databases practicing your new skills to execute design ODI Mappings, data integration, and set up ODI security. Moreover, Oracle Data Integrator can interact with the Hadoop ecosystem’s different tools (such as Hive, Hbase, HDFS, Oozie, etc.), enabling administrators and data scientists to outsource map-reduce operations from standard relational databases to Hadoop. They can also read back into the relational world connected with complex Big Data analysis for further processing.

What are the Objectives of the Oracle 1Z0-448 Exam?

  • Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • ODI Models and Datastores
  • Managing Execution
  • Doing more with ODI
  • Architecture Overview
  • Project Development
  • Integrating OGG with ODI

Who Should Obtain Oracle 1Z0-448 Certification?

  • Administrator
  • Analyst
  • Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Implementer

Skills Gained

  • Explain GoldenGate integration
  • Outline advanced integration mappings
  • Automate ODI tasks using Groovy
  • Improve ODI security with a forcefully secured approach
  • Disclose ODI scenarios as web services
  • Unite ODI in an enterprise environment and SOA
  • Define best practices for implementing integration strategies
  • Specify various ODI integration patterns
  • Expand and enhance Knowledge Modules
  • Delineate BigData support

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A Detailed Plan to Pass the Oracle 1Z0-448 Exam

Is this your first certification exam? Though it may appear to be a little difficult, you can pass it effortlessly if you are well-prepared. The following preparation tips will be of huge help by making strengthening your confidence and knowledge.

1. Take Oracle 1Z0-448 Practice Tests

You must put the same energy into practicing as you did while learning the 1Z0-448 exam topics. As soon as you prepare, you should start answering online Oracle 1Z0-448 practice questions. Take out time to solve the practice questions regularly. These practice tests will help you enhance your speed and will also help you in making an exam of how much you need to study and work on your weak areas.

2. Obtaining the Oracle 1Z0-448 Exam Details First

Go to the official Oracle certification site and find all the required details concerning the Oracle 1Z0-448 exam. Before you start preparing for it, you must know what to expect, how the exam is administered, and other possibly essential information. Otherwise, you will face challenges in earning the certification.

3. Understand the Exam Topics

You should understand the exam topics before beginning your preparation. Explore them out in a detailed manner at the official Oracle website, and try to perceive what skills are expected to acquire to tackle the questions. Study one exam topic at a time and move forward to the next one only when you are confident enough. Though, do not neglect the topics that appear to be unimportant to you, as you never know what questions will be covered in the exam.

4. Take Short Notes While You Study

You can plan the full preparation stage and make a firm study plan to follow. While studying for the Oracle Data Integrator 12c Essentials exam, you can write short notes so that you can revise them before the scheduled exam day. This is the most favored method to complete your revision in the limited possible time!

5. Answer All Questions

Oracle exams does not have a negative scoring system, so attempt every question. Though you don’t know the right answer, making a wise guess wouldn’t hurt. Even if you don’t know the right answer, make a blind guess, which may help you achieve the passing score. If you have no idea which option to select, pick any randomly, and move to the next question. We strongly advise you not to waste your time on the difficult question and concentrate on finishing the entire exam in 120 minutes.


The Oracle Data Integrator 12c Essentials 1Z0-448 certification exam comprises a broad scope. It is therefore important that you review the course topics widely. Though it takes a pretty good investment to prepare and get through this exam, the prospective of the certification is immense. It can be a determining factor to take your career to the next level.

So, when studying for the exam, focus on the end result, and you will definitely be motivated to study harder. Explore the various resources available at your disposal and ensure you study them extensively. As much as you study, do not forget to take the 1Z0-448 practice exam. It will help you in assessing your knowledge level on each of the topics so that you know where to adjust your attention. Attempt the practice test as many times as possible, and be sure you attain a 100% score in the test before your schedule your examination.

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