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Oracle 1Z0-082 Certification Secrets: How to Pass the Exam

Database certifications from Oracle are desirable by employers. The certifications prove that certain professionals are skilled at maintaining Oracle databases. Oracle certification certifications brought professional credibility and higher earning potential for IT professionals. In this article, we will discuss Oracle 1Z0-082 certification.

The Oracle Database Administration I (1Z0-082) assesses the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to configure and manage Oracle Database up to Oracle 19c. It demands a preparation course and hands-on experience giving the perfect preparation for cracking the 1Z0-082 exam.

1Z0-082, Oracle Database Administration I is a 150 Minutes long exam consisting of 90 questions in multiple-choice format, and the passing score is 60%. Passing the exam confirms theoretical knowledge and the practical skills required to configure and administer Oracle Databases up to Oracle 19c.

How to Prepare for Oracle Database Administration I 1Z0-082 Exam?

After knowing all the things about the exam, preparation is the most significant part of any exam. A candidate requires to follow a set preparation plan and some tactics to score well in the exam. Here you will find some usual strategies that the candidates adapt to prepare for the exam.

1. Obtain The Appropriate Study Material

The first step is to obtain the relevant study material. To obtain the study material from all the available sources. You can get the printed study guides from the authorized publishers. You can also get e-books and links to other kinds of study material from reliable platforms. According to your budget, you can also purchase the material for your preparation.

2. Make A Realistic Study Plan

Once you have obtained the study material, take a look at the course you need to cover, and then make a study plan for yourself. Remember that you cannot pass the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam if you do not have a precise study plan. Your study plan includes things such as the time you will give to the studies and the type of study you will be doing. If you do not know the subject, begin preparation well in advance.

3. Determine Your Study Method

Determining your study method is another vital thing for exam preparation. Along with your learning style, the study procedure can count on the time that you can devote to the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam preparation, your budget, and much more. The major types of study procedures are instructor-led classes, self-study, and online courses.

The best type of studying is a self-study, where you can determine your own study time, and you can take up your own material that you want to learn from. In the training course, you will learn from the instructors who will explain everything about these concepts in a detailed way. You can opt for this if you do not know the subject. For the people who have some understanding of the subject but need some guidance, online courses are the best options to pick from.

4. Attempt Oracle 1Z0-082 Practice Test

The practice papers are essential for your preparation. Make it a point to take up Oracle 1Z0-082 practice tests daily once you finish the complete syllabus. Answering practice questions strengthen your knowledge of the exam topics and also point out your key areas of weakness, where you need to work on them.

These practice tests will help you improve your speed and help you assess how much you need to study and work on your weak points.

5. Register for The 1Z0-082 Exam

Register for the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam only when you are confident about your preparation. If you think you still need some time to be thoroughly prepared for the exam, then take your time and then register for the exam. Try your best to read and follow the tips on passing the Oracle 1Z0-082 certification exam on the first try.


To sum it up, we would like to say that if you want to pass the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam, you will need to work hard on the exam objectives. There is no 100% assurance of passing without hard work, no matter how much anyone claims. Ads such as 100% guaranteed success are fraud, and you must avoid such 1Z0-082 dumps and online platforms. Follow the step-by-step methods explained above and make sure you dedicate enough time to the studies so that you can succeed.

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