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A Sure Way to Pass Your Oracle Java Certification Exam!

Oracle Java Certification exams are extremely renowned certifications in Java technology. There are different levels and categories of Java exams, on the basis of the applicant’s experience level, particularly – Junior Associate, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Master. The certifications that focus on Java programming are usually known as OCAJP and OCPJP.

The Oracle Java certification exam comprises complex questions concerning programming. It is the most in-demand certification for IT professionals at the present time. Java Certification Exam offers a future career in Java Programming and Application Development. Before planning for an exam, check eligibility, and read this article to know how to ace the exam.

A Sure Way to Pass Your Oracle Java Certification Exam

#1. Create a Study Schedule

First of all, make a study schedule after determining which Oracle Java certification exam you are going to opt for. After making a study schedule, review the exam syllabus, and study materials. If you are well acquainted with everything given in the exam syllabus, you will take less time to complete the studies and be thoroughly prepared. However, if you are making a fresh start, you should start well in advance.

#2. Obtain Prerequisite Knowledge

There are no such requirements, but a fundamental knowledge of HTML, Database concepts, SQL syntax, Oops concept, and other languages like C & C++ are some musts for Oracle Java certification exams.

#3. Use Good IDE (Integrated Development Environment) but Don’t Forget Notepad:

IDE available in Java allows easy detection and error correction. A big number of applications in Android and iOS are developed using Java language and API. But throughout the exam, you won’t be able to utilize your IDE and hence, not suggesting any function names. So, it is suggested to practice in notepad alongside.

#4. Read Good Books

Read the entire book thoroughly, write short notes in simple words, practice the questions, and keep revising. Though you are an experienced Java programmer or computer science graduate, you must obtain a good book or study guide for your relevant Java certification exam. 

#5. Be Consistent

Be consistent with your studies, or eventually, you might forgetting what you have already learned. Keep revising regularly and keep a tab of all the things you have already learned. You should make notes.

#6. Online Preparation

Explore online platforms; keep researching for more knowledge, take advantage of YouTube.

#7. Be in Communication With Professionals

Professionals can help you study JAVA programming in a much better way.

#8. Stay Updated With the Most Advanced Version

Check and be updated with the new exam version’s syllabus.

#9. Formulate Short Programs

When you start, begin with short comprehensive programs.

#10. Understand Oracle Java certification Exam Structure and Syllabus

This is one of the naive mistakes many Java developers and programmers aspiring for the Oracle Java certification exam make. They don’t even look at the Syllabus expecting that the book or study guide they are reading will include everything. You need to have a blueprint exam syllabus handy.

#11. Participate in Forums to Stay Informed

To perform well on Oracle Java certifications exams, you have to keep yourself knowledgeable and also motivated. By joining a good forum relevant to the Java certification exam, you will know about the latest changes in exam syllabus or structure and come across many success stories of Java certification applicants. This will help you to check your preparation technique and learn from their experience.

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#12. Solve Oracle Java Certification Practice Test

The best way to overcome your mistakes is to do more practice. Apart from solving practice questions given in your study guide or books, you would also need to solve a  reasonable number of practice tests before taking the actual exam. That will help you to evaluate your topic-wise preparation level and focus your preparation on weak topics.

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#13. Proper Revision

Before the exam date, revise the complete syllabus to be self-assured. Try to practice programming on paper and examine it carefully.

#14. Register for Oracle Java Certification Exam Only When Ready

Do not register for the exam when you are not prepared. If you think you require more time, choose a date that grants you sufficient time to prepare.

Bonus Tips to Get Flyting Score in Oracle Java Certification Exam:

  • Study the core concepts
  • Do as much programming as you can possible
  • Take the oracle java certification practice test
  • Examine and cover your weak points
  • Acquire practical experience apart from theoretical knowledge

To Sum it Up

Once your Oracle Java certification exam starts, have confidence in yourself and your studies, try to answer all the questions to the best of your abilities. Retain your calm and composed throughout the exam. Take it easy -it’s not rocket science. Try to mark questions that appear confusing and return them once you are done answering all the other questions.

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