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Microsoft AZ-500 Certification: Basic Information, Preparation Options and Career Benefits

Getting any certification is challenging because it demands personal and financial contribution. Though, the certificate comes with some advantages in both today and tomorrow. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 certification confirms your skill to secure data, apps, access and retain secure operations on the Azure platform.

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Exam Details

This exam evaluates Azure security engineers on how to point out and settle vulnerabilities using various security tools. The exam also evaluates applicants on how to act toward security incidents along with implementing threat protection.

The AZ-500 exam is consisting of 50 to 60 questions. These question types are multiple select and multiple choice. You need to know that the questions include all topics and subtopics covered in the syllabus for this exam.

AZ-500 Exam Objectives

  • Manage identity and access
  • Implement platform protection
  • Manage security operations
  • Secure data and applications

Target Audience of Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer – Associate Exam AZ-500

IT professionals actively awaiting advancing their career as an IT Security Engineer/Consultant/Specialists must consider this certification as one of the best options to be considered a recognized candidate for IT security-related jobs. The rise of cloud computing has increased exponentially over the last couple of years due to the reliability and accessibility of data and applications. At the same time, the risk of cyber-attack also rises, and the demand for cybersecurity professionals also rises. Azure is an absolute cloud-based data and application services, provided and maintained by Microsoft through Microsoft’s own data center. Individuals expecting to work with IT security and cloud-based technology may want to become a Microsoft AZ-500 Certified professionals with this exam.

Microsoft AZ-500 Preparation Options

Microsoft provides official training courses to help the candidates prepare for the Microsoft AZ-500 exam. They can also register in online courses, which are available in instructor-led or self-paced options. No matter which preparation option a candidate decides to go for, they should always assess his/her knowledge with practice tests before sitting the actual AZ-500 exam. AZ-500 practice tests help the applicants to get familiar with the exam structure and how to tackle the exam questions.

Five Significant Reasons to Work Hard for AZ-500 Certification Exam?

1. With a Microsoft AZ-500 Certification, You Become a Significant Asset to Your Organization

Most organizations hire certified individuals as some standards regulate business models, which require such a workforce. This signifies that your organization would not let go of you immediately. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Exam, organizations, can competently market their products and services. Besides this, having the certification from such a prominent vendor, Microsoft indicates that you have the skill to carry out vital roles in the Azure cloud environment. This betters work performance efficiency and pays off for business growth. So being certified makes you almost unique at your workplace.


2. Dynamic Career Development

Presently, cloud computing is one of the rapidly growing technologies in the IT field. According to Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, “80% of all businesses and mission-critical workloads will shift to the cloud by 2025”. Many acknowledged organizations such as GCP (Google Cloud Platform), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and many others have taken the lead in providing cloud-related services to clients throughout the world. Since Microsoft Azure cloud solutions are broadly adopted, Microsoft Azure certified professionals’ job market is also growing for the creation and administration of cloud applications and infrastructures. Hence, the value of your certification will keep increasing, also.

3. Higher PayScale

As a Microsoft certified professional, you are contracting your skills and abilities to potential employers and business partners. Microsoft Azure security technologies exam syllabus equips you with the understanding that you require to carry out your responsibilities well. The associated certification confirms your dedication to your career and gets you acknowledgment even from your peers. For these reasons, it will be simpler for you to receive jobs and promotions when they come up. With a rise comes a better salary. If you go across PayScale, you will notice the wages for Security Engineers that equals $90,873 annually.

4. Developing Professional Networks

It is always recommended to connect with people of the same frame of mind, particularly career-wise, because that’s where mentorship programs and business partnerships derive from. Going through the whole process of achieving a Microsoft certification provides you an exclusive opportunity to communicate with industry experts and fellow learners from across the globe with whom you share the same objectives. This can give you the skill to establish a persistent professional connection.

5. Self-Gratification

Every now and then, we all require something to stimulate us to further advance. Obtaining a certification from a renowned corporation such as Microsoft can be your driving force. Going through the complete process of scheduling, exam prep, and ultimately being a Microsoft certified professional provides one a sense of self-confidence and gratification and can also drive you to obtain other personal goals that you’ve set for yourself.


Earning the Microsoft AZ-500 certification demands dedication. As compensation, it equips you with a profound understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform and exposes you to many brilliant opportunities that can advance your career. The benefits specified above should boost your confidence in passing the Microsoft AZ-500 exam and achieving its associated Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification because, without doubt, their benefit won’t decrease in the near future.

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