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Becoming Microsoft Certified – Azure Solutions Architect Expert with AZ-303 Certification

It is a well-known fact that the Microsoft certification exams are designed to offer professionals ways to strengthen their skills and advance their careers. They help verify their knowledge and allow them to get a certification from a renowned vendor. This is particularly true for the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303 exam.

In this article, we will address your doubts about it if you have any and give you a distinct picture of what the AZ-303 exam stands for and how worthwhile it and its associated certification is.

Essential Information About Microsoft AZ-303 Exam

Before everything, it is vital to mention that Microsoft AZ-303 demands a solid professional background in IT, comprising networking, data platform, and security. You should also hold solid knowledge and skills in structuring and carrying out Microsoft Azure solutions.

The AZ-303 certification exam is also named Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies, and its latest version is in Beta. It carries off the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certificate. This exam is the first step to take before sitting for Microsoft AZ-303, the second exam for this expert-level certification. The skills that will be evaluated comprise the implementation of application solutions, Azure infrastructure, data platforms, and security solutions. Keep in mind that more than half of what is examined is referring to Azure technology.

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303 exam comprises of 40-60 questions based on different types. They can be set out in the following formats: multiple-choice, best answer, active screen, short answer, build the list, and review screen. You are given 150 minutes to answer all these questions. The exam requires that you get at least 700 points to pass the exam. The exam costs $165 and is taken in English only.

Study Resources to Prepare for AZ-303 Exam

For the Microsoft exam preparation, you have to take advantage of reliable study materials and

When preparing for a competitive assessment, you have to use reliable resources and follow the recommended standards of preparation. So here are some resources and tips you can incorporate in your exam preparation:

1. Use the Vendor’s Platform

Microsoft’s official webpage is the best place you can go through as this vendor is the certification seller and the provider of Azure service. Microsoft provides training options that you can adapt to get the syllabus required for the AZ-300 exam. It is accessible in the form of a free online training course and a paid instructor-led course.

2. Obtain Relevant Study Guides and Books

Study guides and books are an excellent way to acquire complete knowledge. You can avail many Azure-related books written by professionals in the field. Many times these books are often written in an interactive form that helps you develop your expertise by questioning yourself. For instance, you can opt for Exam Ref AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies by Mike Pfeiffer, available on Amazon.

3. Use Online Videos

Maybe studying from books can seem boring at times. For such an instance, learning from the videos is the best choice. You can watch videos relevant to the AZ-303 certification exam on YouTube to acquire a finer knowledge of the concepts you studied. And apart from that, you can also watch videos shared by previous AZ-303 applicants to benefit from their exam tips and tricks.

 4. Attempt AZ-303 Practice Test

Lastly, yet, more importantly, take advantage of an AZ-303 practice test. Attempt as many AZ-303 practice test as possible. And before you spend your time and money, check out for the legitimacy of them. Start practicing free sample questions to be sure that they are authentic and updated, then pay for them. If you follow these steps for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303 zealously, you’re going to get a flying score in the actual exam. The complete process works in helping you understand, not just cramming, the exam content.

Influence of Microsoft AZ-303 Exam on Your Career

Azure is excellent for both smaller and bigger companies presently employing Microsoft solutions in shifting their present infrastructure to Cloud. Thus, this calls for someone with skill in this area. Cloud computing is taking possession in most sectors, such as education, health provision, and banking. So, if you pass the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303 exam, you will have brilliant career opportunities because you will confirm that you have the essential skills. More organizations are adopting Microsoft Azure technology, and so they need for experts with distinct Cloud architect skills is soaring high.

Passing the Microsoft AZ-303 exam fetches better access to newer and strengthened opportunities for you. You can work as a solutions architect working with the Azure platform. According to the PayScale salary analysis, you can receive an average of $120,559 per annum.


Microsoft has always been keen on working to make the exam-taking approach smooth and adaptable. When you excel in the AZ-303 exam, you can team up with other Azure professionals to provide solutions to those who need them. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303 certificate is sure to help you attract attention among other interviewees. It’s an excellent way to prove your Azure skills with industry-recognized certifications. The right certification enables you to develop and sharpen your skills as well as to get amazing job opportunities more easily.

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