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Fail-Proof Ways to Prepare for Microsoft MS-900 Exam and How You Can Utilize Practice Tests

As an IT professional, you should realize the significance of certificates. This is because by becoming certified, you learn new skills and show your persistence and enthusiasm. All of these peculiarities are essential in the IT industry. There are many certification vendors that you can select from, but one of the best and prestigious is Microsoft. It has an excellent program, which comes with only sought-after certifications, comprising Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals. Any candidate who wants to achieve this certificate must first pass the MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals exam. There are many things that you require to know about this exam, and that’s what we’ll address here in this article.

Microsoft MS-900 Exam: Target Audience

If you are thinking about opting for the Microsoft MS-900 exam, you need first to make out if you are eligible for this exam or not. This one, like other Microsoft certification exams, has a definite target audience. The ideal applicants for this exam are those individuals who aspire to uncover opportunities in Cloud services. The MS-900 exam includes all the core topics incidental to the subject, and if you can pass it, you will experience a lot of advantages.

Important Details About MS-900 Exam

The Microsoft MS-900 exam is 60 minutes long, and the candidates will have to answer 40-50 questions during this time. Anyone who wants to complete the exam within the given time limit requires to work on his/her time management skills. You may think that answering 40-50 questions in 60 minutes is easy, but you can run into some severe problems if you are not quick enough. It is best to start by answering the most simple questions and don’t spend too much time on one question. The following topics are covered in the MS-900 exam:

  • Describe cloud concepts (10-15%)
  • Describe core Microsoft 365 services and concepts (30-35%)
  • Explain security, compliance, privacy, and trust in Microsoft 365 (30-35%)
  • Describe Microsoft 365 pricing and support (20-25%)

How to pass the Microsoft MS-900 exam? Here Are the Tips:

Although the Microsoft MS-900 exam and is not as tough as many of the advanced-level certification exams, it still demands you to study hard. Comprehensive preparation can help any candidates to pass this exam on the first attempt. If you plan to take it soon, the tips given here will help you make the best of your preparation.

1. Know the MS-900 Exam Objectives

Becoming familiar with the Microsoft MS-500 exam is very significant for your success in the exam. The fact is that there is no way you can choose the right materials if you don’t know what to study. The Microsoft Learning platform has an in-depth highlight of the objectives and subtopics that the candidates require to learn while studying for this certification exam. Read them thoroughly in detail to understand each of them.

2. Enrol in a Training Course

There is a high possibility that you are not well versed with all the exam objectives. The best way to get completely have a grasp over them is to enroll in an official training course. You can take the instructor-led training provided by the Microsoft platform. There are also online courses that you can enroll in. Besides the official website, other sites provide training courses and other tools to help them pass their exams.

3. Take MS-900 Practice Tests to Evaluate Your Skills

Practice tests help you evaluate your preparedness level before the actual exam. One of the benefits of attempting MS-900 practice tests is that they help you identify your weak areas in preparation. In some instances, you read and think you have absorbed so much; at the same time, you have not. By attempting MS-900 practice tests, you can smoothly gauge your level of understanding of any topic and know the topics you require to study further before you take the Microsoft MS-900 exam.

Benefits Brought by Microsoft 365 Certified – Fundamentals Certification

From the exam syllabus topics and tips, you can perceive that earning this certification demands a definite level of commitment. Fortunately, your effort will eventually regain in the form of the following advantages:

  • The certification demonstrates your professional dedication and your preparedness to go the extra mile to authenticate your prospective. This places your resume at the top of the recruiting list when a new job or promotion opportunities come up.
  • With MS-900 certification, you acquire recognition from your colleagues and peers. This provides you an opportunity to be a mentor to junior staff and be trusted with supervisory roles.
  • Passing the exam and eventually becoming certified will give you a sense of accomplishment. This works as a motivator for you to influence other career and personal goals you have set for yourself.
  • Most organizations prefer to hire certified individuals to enhance their public relations as a marketing strategy or for compliance grounds. For the same reason, organizations are ready to propose such professionals with high salaries.
  • Acquiring these factors is not the limit for you but a reason to keep up with the quickly evolving industry. It encourages you to be acquainted with any new releases in your field, contributing to prospective career success.
  • Microsoft certification is the simplest way to move forward and advance your resume and position. This is because Microsoft is a prestigious name in the IT-sphere, and having such a certification on your utilization of the quality of services you can provide to customers.


In the long run, attaining the best fundamentals certifications would pay off big time. The benefits it brings may not be outset to manifest right away, it may not land you your first job the next day you’ve passed the exam, but it will land you invitations to many interviews, boost your confidence, and opens doors to other prospects.

So if you have any doubts about whether to take the MS-900 exam or not, don’t think too much. Take the first step to earning the certification and relish the benefits it will offer!

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