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Tips to Encounter When Taking Dell EMC DES-1D12 Exam

Dell EMC Midrange Storage Solutions Specialist for Technology Architect, DES-1D12, certification grants specialist level certification comprising a profound understanding of Dell EMC midrange storage solutions for the SC Series and Dell EMC Unity. DES-1D12 will be the most sought-after certification for those involved in designing solutions around Dell EMC Unity and SC Series storage arrays.

Professionals who have earned this certification have the understanding and skills to architect and size solutions for Dell Technologies Unity and SC Series systems.

DES-1D12 exam concentrates on the knowledge required for sizing, positioning, and designing midrange storage solutions in customer conditions. This involves a thorough understanding of Dell EMC Unity and SC Series product configurations, functionality, features, best practices, and design considerations.

Why get certified with Dell EMC?

We all are looking for a brilliant career. Your colleague’s degree is not enough to move forward in today’s job market. On the contrary, the IT industry is now looking forward to applicants who have adequate training and relevant certifications. This is where Dell EMC certifications are in the limelight. Above all, DEll EMC-certified professionals are more likely to get hired. Below are all the benefits that applicants enjoyed when they certified with Dell EMC-

  • Certifications work as fuel to your career. If any applicants are certified with Dell EMC, then they not only get hired quickly but also productive in comparison to uncertified colleagues.
  • Moreover, DEll EMC-certified applicants are more efficient as well as they make a remarkable business influence.
  • More than anything, certified professionals also gain more profits and get promoted quicker in comparison to others.

Tips to Ace the Dell EMC DES-1D12 Certification Exam

While some applicants seem to thrive on last-day preparation, this way of partial studying is often not the best approach for exam preparation. Therefore, suggest the following tips mentioned below to excel in the DES-1D12 exam. In this blog, we’re presenting you with time-tested tips to pass the examination with a flying score. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin with it; we assure you that this will be worth it.

1. Visit Official Website

Begin with acquiring the exam details and the syllabus topics. This is the wisest step as this is the most reliable and authentic source of information. Here you can easily get all the information about the Dell EMC DES-1D12 exam. From exam structure to all the included domains and prerequisites are covered on the portal itself.

2. Strategize a Study Plan

Designing a study plan for your exam preparation is a must. It helps in keeping consistency and evades distractions. A study plan must be outlined, bearing in mind your familiarity with exam objectives.

 We suggest you start strengthening your weaker areas and have sufficient time for revisions. The bottom line is that you must assign a definite time to prepare every day.

3. Understand Dell EMC DES-1D12 Exam Objectives

After that, the next important step is your preparation for the Dell EMC DES-1D12 exam. So our advice would be to understand all exam objectives. This will equip you with a precise idea about all the different topics and skills you require to be an expert in. For this reason, make sure to go through all the domains as they work as the essential part of the DES-1D12 exam. This will result in reinforcing your preparation also.

4. Enroll in Training Course

After understanding all the DES-1D12 exam objectives, the next step in your preparation is to enroll in the recommended training course. Now, Dell EMC provides training course, which is online learning and training sessions by experts certified instructors.

5. Participate in a Community

Participating in online forums and study groups turns out to be really helpful during your exam preparations. They help you learn from seasoned professionals. You can also ask and solve your doubts. The experts give valuable insights for you to obtain this certification.

6. Take DES-1D12 Practice Tests

In the end, we’re on the last step for the exam preparation of the Dell EMC DES-1D12 exam. This final step will give applicants an accurate understanding of the topics on which they need to work on. Make sure you’re going through DES-1D12 practice tests only after you have gone through the entire syllabus. All the practice tests are designed in such a way that you confront the actual exam environment. After completing practice tests, you can straight away identify the areas you’re weak at and work upon them. Practice tests can be attempted from different sources. Remember, the more you gauge yourself, the better you will perform in the actual exam.


Certainly, addition a Dell EMC certification to your CV will help you differentiate yourself and get hired. If you’re determined to advance your career and motivated to follow your dream, then passing the DES-1D12 exam will be the last step towards being certified.

In other words, certification exams like the DES-1D12 exam will not only prove that you have the skills needed for the job but will also prove your dedication to your dreams and aspirations. Training and certification do impact your profession undoubtedly in terms of financial perks too. Not to mention this will also demonstrate your commitment to your aspirations and dream.

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