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Got Stuck? Try These Tips to Streamline Your Cisco 300-815 CLACCM Exam Prep

To take advantage of the opportunities due to development in technology and automation, contemporary networking professionals require a comprehensive range of skills in important technology areas. The CCNP Collaboration certification program provides you exactly that breadth and depth. To earn CCNP Collaboration, you pass two exams: a core exam and a collaboration concentration exam of your choice. This blog is dedicated to ‘Implementing Cisco Advanced Call Control and Mobility Services (300-815 CLACCM)‘.

What is Cisco 300-815 CLACCM Exam?

Cisco 300-815 CLACCM exam gauges an applicant’s understanding of advanced call control and mobility services, comprising signals and media protocols, CME/SRST gateway technologies, Cisco Unified Board Element, call control and dial planning, Cisco Unified CM Call Control, and mobility. This certification exam comprises 55-65 questions, which you are expected to complete within 90 minutes.

Tips and Tricks to Pass Cisco 300-815 CLACCM Exam

Some might say the 300-815 CLACCM exam is easy to pass. Well, it demands good preparation to get through it. Along with it, the exam equips you with special practical skills and knowledge employed not only at the working place but in several real-life situations.

Therefore, become a proud Cisco certified professional by following some of the pointed out tried-and-tested tricks and tips!

1. Obtain the Suitable Material

Having the appropriate study resources helps establish a solid foundation for the exam. Fortunately, there is a large number of resources available for Cisco certification exams in different formats. Considering that, you should leverage resources found on websites, e-books, YouTube, and Cisco study materials to get prepared for your exam.

2. Make a Study Plan

Avoid studying right before you sit this exam. Rather, you should cover course material three to four months before the test. Doing so lets you comprise the required material without any pressure. This is why you should make a practical plan. After registering for the exam, you will be issued a topic list. Use this list to plan your time properly.

3. Stick to Plan

So, make an everyday plan, or follow weekly targets. Follow what you are comfortable with and be compatible with your learning plan. Try to manage your time so that you study the topics planned for the day and have time to revise the studied concepts.

4. Books

Books are beneficial for detailed learning and understanding of concepts. Applicants should use them early enough throughout their preparation period to evade a rush when their exam is nearer. The benefit of using books is that one can craft out a self-study plan that suits them best.

5. Videos

Some videos include 300-815 CLACCM exam topics and give tips on how to prepare for the exam. They are prepared by industry professionals, mainly from renowned platforms. Applicants can obtain these videos on Cisco’s website and YouTube as well.

6. Take Cisco 300-815 CLACCM Practice Tests.

Cisco 300-815 CLACCM Practice tests can help you determine areas in which you need to pay more attention. So, create a schedule for these according to the syllabus topics ahead of the real exam.

7. Engage in Study groups

Candidates taking exams 300-815 CLACCM can participate in the relevant study group and help each other to prepare. Such online groups provide the best platform to learn from peers and make understanding tough concepts less challenging. In these forums, applicants can interact and learn from experts and recent exam takers.

8. Relax

Apart from studying and practicing hard, you must take occasional breaks to avoid exhaustion. At the same time, you should make sure that you sleep, hydrate, and eat well.


Studying for your Cisco 300-815 CLACCM exams can be such an intimidating task. But using a bit of every study method is extremely recommended as it makes you sure that you cover all ground. But you have to bear in mind that using a technique that you don’t have any interest in won’t help you that much. So try everything and pick what’s best for you. That is the best way to pass your 300-815 CLACCM exam and get yourself certified.

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