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Are You Thinking to Take Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203 Exam?

The Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate MS-203 exam concentrate on skills required to plan, configure, and secure a Microsoft messaging platform.

The MS-203 is split down into four objectives. Here is a list of them and how they are weighted:

  • Manage Organization Settings and Resources (30-35%)
  • Plan and Manage the Mail Architecture (20-25%)
  • Plan and Implement a Hybrid Configuration and Migration (20-25%)
  • Secure the Message Environment (20-25%)

The exam focuses on creating, maintaining, troubleshooting, and securing the mail architecture of your organization. It’s essential to get familiar with concepts like configuring email policies, analyzing transport logs, and utilizing Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection.

Applicants also will require a solid knowledge of configuring and managing Outlook on a mobile device, Azure Identity Access and Management, and implementing public folder top-level hierarchies.

Who Should Take the Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203 Exam?

The Microsoft MS-203 certification is designed for professionals who already have experience as a messaging administrator — or at least Microsoft 365 in general. If you are all new to administering this system, you may want to pass on this Microsoft exam until you have more experience. The MS-203 is best for those who require to prove their skills. Let’s set in on who would avail from taking this exam.

Microsoft MS-203 Study Tips for Excellent Score

More, the Microsoft MS-203 exam is perceived to be complex, and even experienced professionals find it challenging to pass the exam on their first try. This only goes to show how important it is to prepare appropriately for the exam. So, be notified of a few exam preparation tips from successful exam takers.

1. Make a Study Plan

As the saying goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Studying for your Microsoft MS-203 exam helps build an adequate study schedule and follow it strictly. How can you lessen distractions? How can you overcome delay? Figuring out these essential aspects will help you design an effective and practical routine for an excellent score in the real MS-203 exam.

2. Obtain Trusted Study Resources

With the arrival of Microsoft certifications, many websites have come up to help candidates pass their exams with flying scores. But with this comes confusion. Knowing which web sources to rely on has never been easy, and more, leave alone understanding what materials to obtain for your certification exam prep.

Before considering a good website, make sure they have reliable resources that can add value to your preparation journey. Because of this, a few honorable mentions contain reliable study resources.

3. Stay Calm and Composed on Actual MS-203 Exam Day

Ultimately, the very exam day becomes a career-defining moment. Your possibilities of passing the exam will mainly depend on the fixed mindset. Now, are you in the right frame of mind to face Microsoft 365 Messaging MS-203 exam? The best thing you can do is to be calm and composed retain your serenity throughout the process. It enables you to keep the confidence and overcome the exam fear and stress on the actual exam day.

4. Register for an Exam Prep Course

Properly committing to a Microsoft certification training course takes five days. Enrolling in a training course is a sure way to help you tackle this challenging exam.


Now that you have a better idea of how MS-203 practice tests work and how they add value to your skill development, are you ready to incorporate these resources in your study plan? Make the most out of your chance to pass your Microsoft MS-203 certification exam efficiently! Ultimately, the choice is yours. So, deliberate all factors properly and make a wise choice!

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