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Cisco 100-490 RSTECH Certification Exam Tips: Passing Quick

Software and networking become a lot and more connected every day. Advanced technologies allow new applications and businesses that connect everything—people, devices, machines, and applications. And with intent-based networking, organizations will avail themselves from automation to scale and secure their networking infrastructure. Presently networking professionals would like a broad array of skills and a more intense emphasis on strategic technology areas to take advantage of these opportunities. The CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH certification program gives you precisely that breadth and depth. CCT Routing and Switching certification emphasize the skills needed for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco routers, switches, and operating environments.

Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certification come with a distinct focus on different domains that involve:

  • General Networking Knowledge (25%)
  • Cisco Equipment and Related Hardware (20%)
  • Cisco IOS Software Operation (29%)
  • Service-Related Knowledge (26%)

Tips for Clearing the Cisco CCT Routing and Switching 100-490 RSTECH Exam:

However, the Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certificate is not easy to pass. Here Are Some Proven Tips That Would Help You in Passing the Cisco 100-490 RSTECH Exam Smoothly:

1. Create a Strategic Study Plan

Obtain your CCT Routing and Switching certification with proper preparation. By developing a strategic plan, you will have a greater possibility of passing this Cisco exam. When you draft out one, you must consider many aspects, such as time, resources, and finances. You can’t just read before two days of the exam and pass it.

2. Obtain Relevant Resources

Along with the material offered by Cisco, one requires to concentrate on other extra resources, too, as they would help learn Cisco from the fundamentals and in detail. For this, the applicants can refer to other resources like Cisco Blogs, reading materials, books, videos, Google forums, Cisco 100-490 study guide, etc. Look for the best material that will stimulate you and bring interest in learning and acquire knowledge.

3. Participate in a Study Group

A study group is extremely helpful to the applicants appearing for the Cisco certification exams. You can learn with and from other candidates while you prepare for your exam. Being a part of such a study group or community provides you a sense of belonging. It equips you with the understanding that you are not alone in this journey. You can share your thoughts about important topics and get corrected by others who know them better. It is an interesting way of study from like-minded people.

4. Go Step by Step

A common mistake made by applicants is studying all the topics at a time. The exam comes with many topics and sub-topics, so study one topic at a time. Also, it is not essential to follow a particular book for learning the topic. The topics can also be known from various sources like blogs, research, and many more, through which the applicants would be able to learn about the topic in detail. So, go topic by topic.

5. Learn from Professional trainers

The Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certification demand professional skills, experience, and knowledge that is required to pass the examination. Hence, it is essential that the applicants go through training and learning under professional trainers with precise planning, experience, and much more needed to build a concrete base. Also, please make a point that the trainers keep themselves updated with the most advanced updates in the field.

6. Use Cisco 100-490 RSTECH Practice Tests

This is the most important step that you should never ignore when planning to sit for the Cisco 100-490 RSTECH exam. The Cisco 100-490 RSTECH practice test plays a significant part in assuring that you have all that is required to pass the Cisco 100-490 RSTECH exam.


These were the main steps that we recommend you follow to prepare correctly and earn high results in your Cisco 100-490 RSTECH exam. Preparing with the most actual and authentic practice tests will reinforce your possibilities of acquiring a good score so as to acquire your Cisco CCT Routing and Switching certification. Get confident to face your exam with the best available study resources and be assured of performing well in your exam and career.

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