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DAS-C01: AWS Data Analytics Specialty| Study Guide & Career Potential Explained

AWS Data Analytics Specialty or the DAS-C01 certification is a great choice when dealing with data. Technology rapidly changed the way businesses are conducted, and the data revolution continues to affect how every business stays competitive in the field. It may seem to be more critical for large organizations to benefit AWS Data Analytics Specialty; the data value becomes increasingly important to smaller firms.

It is vital to obtain and, more importantly, gain knowledge about large volumes of data, to enhance the performance of any business. Even larger organizations cannot compile and analyze large volumes of data that directly or indirectly affect their organizations. Getting the resources is necessary for those works to be cost-prohibitive. That is when cloud analytics came into play.

What Is the DAS-C01 Certification?

The DAS-C01 is an industry-recognized certification from AWS that validates a candidate’s expertise in AWS data lakes and analytics services. A candidate gains credibility and confidence by highlighting his ability to build, design, secure, and maintain analytics solutions on AWS that are productive, cost-effective, and secure. The DAS-C01 certification proves that a candidate has breadth and depth in delivering data insights.

What Abilities Are Validated by the DAS-C01 Certification?

  • A candidate learns to define AWS data analytics services and explores how they blend with each other.
  • He learns how AWS data analytics services fit in the data life cycle of collection, storage, visualization, and processing.

What Experience Is Required to Take the DAS-C01 Exam?

  • A candidate must have at least 5 years of experience with data analytics technologies to take the exam.
  • He should also have 2 years of hands-on experience working with AWS experience and expertise working with AWS services to build, design, secure, and maintain analytics solutions.

What Is Career & Growth Prospect with the DAS-C01 Certification?

  • AWS Data Analytics Specialty, the DAS-C01 certification, is in high demand in the IT industry. So a successful candidate can get a beautiful salary package depending on his overall skills and experience. Data Analytics was surveyed as the number one career, which determines how fast the demand for Data Analytics is enhancing.
  • As AWS is one of the leading Data Analytics platforms globally, it is safe to think that the DAS-C01 certification has a better career prospect than many other certifications. Employers always look for individuals with excellent Data Analytics skills validated by AWS Data Analytics Specialty certification.
  • AWS certifications are rapidly becoming a requirement for many jobs related to AWS in the IT industry. The addition of the Data Analytics Specialty certification has shaken the market. It boosts the test takers with the right skills to deal with Data Analytics and analytics while allowing smooth, professional progress in their careers.
  • Certifications always lead to better career prospects. If you are a Data Analyst or are excited about Data Analytics, then take the DAS-C01 certification path and fulfill your career goals.

How to Prepare for the DAS-C01 Exam?

Understand the Exam Structure:

The AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty (DAS-C01) examination is a pass or fail type exam. A candidate gets 170 minutes to complete the exam, and he needs to answer 65 questions. Like always, the examination contains two types of questions- multiple choice and multiple response types. Unanswered attempts are scored as incorrect; there is no penalty for guessing wrong.

The DAS-C01 exam may have unscored questions that are placed on the test to gather statistical information. These questions do not affect the score.

The result for the examination is reported on a scaled basis with a minimum passing score of 750. The examination has a compensatory scoring model. This indicates that you do not need to pass the individual sections; only the overall examination is the need.

Use AWS Whitepapers for Preparation:

Amazon has several documents that refer to Data Analytics products. But a candidate can use these two papers within the Data Analytics Learning Path that helps him to understand the available services better. A candidate should read the Kinesis whitepaper as it is a technology with many details and implementation options, which is difficult to remember. 

Training Is Essential:

The training helps you prepare for the exam by exploring the exam’s topic areas and making you familiar with the question style and exam structure. The training is a visual way, that allows you to understand each of the most important components of the exam. So join the training.

Take Additional Support from DAS-C01 Practice Tests:

Practicing plays an important role when preparing for any IT exam. The DAS-C01 practice tests allow a candidate to experience the actual exam, and the result offers powerful insights into a candidate’s preparation level. So keep practicing to ace the exam.

Bottom Line:

When you want to make an impressive career, what could be better than an AWS certification? After you complete and pass the DAS-C01 exam, you will earn an AWS Data Analytics Specialty certificationThe certification is a milestone that shows potential employers that you are versed with the appropriate skills and knowledge to do your job, which keeps you ahead of others. 

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