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VMExam.com Review: Top Material Support for VMware Exams

VMExam.com is a top and trusted provider for the 2V0-61.20 exam material. This is once again proved when Emma reviewed VMExam.com for her success. She thanked the team for the relatable questions and gave an overview of the 2V0-61.20 exam.

Why Did She Choose to Take the 2V0-61.20 Exam?

Emma’s basic knowledge and skills satisfied the conditions to appear for the 2V0-61.20 exam. When it is about virtualization technologies, VMware is undoubtedly the industry topper.

As a result, there’s a strong demand for VMware certified IT candidates who can help organizations to support and deal with VMware products and services. Emma hoped for a successful career after the 2V0-61.20 exam and jumped for the preparation.

Who Are the Minimally Qualified Candidates for the 2V0-61.20 Exam?

The Minimally Qualified Candidate for the 2V0-61.20 has a working knowledge of the VMware Workspace ONE platform. The candidate configures, installs,  manages, maintains, and performs basic troubleshooting of VMware Workspace ONE 20.x and related solutions with publicly available documents.

The MQC possesses knowledgeable of implementation, software, and infrastructure design. The MQC knows about standard operating systems across devices, productivity applications, and technologies designed for Workspace ONE configuration. The minimally qualified should have a minimum of 6 months of general IT experience and normally 6 months of VMware experience to install and configure the Workspace ONE platform. The aspirant must have all the knowledge contained in the VCP-Digital Workspace exam blueprint.

Summary of the Exam:

The 2V0-61.20 or Professional Workspace ONE 20.x exam that earns you the VMware Certified Professional – Digital Workspace 2021 (VCP-DW 2021) certification is a 70 questions exam with a passing score 300 using a scaled method. A candidate gets an appointment time of 100 minutes, which includes adequate time to complete the exam for non-native English speakers.

How Did  Emma Conquer the  2V0-61.20 Exam?

Emma followed three important steps to begin with her preparation:

Registration was the Beginning Point:

Pearson Vue conducts the 2V0-61.20 exam. Emma took three months from the day of registration to appear for exam. Other candidates can take the exam within two months of registration too. Still, Emma thought of taking ample time not to hamper the daily activities and exam preparation hand in hand. She believed in learning for the future, not just for the exam day. So she devoted highly to learn from all syllabus topics, and maintained a serious approach throughout her preparation. She also joined the VMware training to make her base strong.

Strengthened Her Syllabus Knowledge:

A candidate can gain knowledge about different areas if he completes the whole syllabus-

These topics are-

  • Architecture and Technologies
  • Products and Solutions
  • Planning and Designing
  • Installing, Configuring, and Setup
  • Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and Repairing
  • Administrative and Operational Tasks

2V0-21.20 Study Guide Is Here to Help You Ace the VCP-DCV 2021 Exam

She divided her schedule depending on the topic length. Learning the Installing, Configuring, and Setup was Emma’s priority as she felt these areas could help her in practical too. During her preparation, she was not comfortable with some of the syllabus topics, but she focused on learning the basics of those areas.

Taking 2V0-61.20 Practice Tests from VMExam.com Became Crucial:

When Emma started her VMware exam journey, she was determined to pass the 2V0-61.20 exam at the first attempt. Emma knew many candidates who prepared well but they fail to attempt all questions in the exam hall. This happens due to a lack of practice. So after completing her preparation, without wasting any time, Emma enrolled for the 2V0-61.20 practice exams at VMExam.com. She got to know about successful candidates and landed at VMExam.com. The well-designed and affordable 2V0-61.20 practice tests at VMExam.com boosted her confidence gradually. Now Emma is at a better place in her career through the certification knowledge.

I hope Emma’s success would inspire many candidates to become VMware certified.

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