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1Z0-819 Java SE 11 Developer: Want to Pass It in Your First Attempt?

Passing the 1Z0-819 exam on the first attempt is easy if you have the proper study guide and practice test within your reach. Let’s take an overview of the 1Z0-819 exam and about the study plan to pass it.

The candidates who pass the 1Z0-819 exam prove their comprehensive and broad knowledge of the Java programming language, coding practices, and utilization of new features incorporated into Java SE 11. By acing the 1Z0-819 exam, an Oracle Certified Professional – Java SE 11 Developer (OCP) individual proves fluency in Java SE and acquisition of the skills needed to be a Java software developer.

Candidates with the 1Z0-819 certification also demonstrate proficiency in Java (Standard Edition) software development validated by a wide range of worldwide industries.

What Is New Feature in the Java 1Z0-819 Exam?

Java developer career is easy now. Earlier it was a two-exam certification. A candidate needed to pass the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 to become Java SE Programmer. The content of the 1Z0-819 exam is a combination of both the exam syllabus and the candidate needs to take a single exam to become Oracle certified professional.

Passing the 1Z0-819 exam earns you Oracle Certified Professional – Java SE 11 Developer (OCP) certification.

How to Prepare for the 1Z0-819 Exam?

Get Help from the Official 1Z0-819 Training:

An aspirant’s first course of action should be trusting the official 1Z0-819 page on the Oracle website as per successful candidates. Training details on Oracle’s official website can help you gain the necessary skills and knowledge for the 1Z0-819 certification exam.

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You can choose three distinct forms of training, such as on-demand training, live virtual classroom, and classroom training as per your convenience. Each of the training approaches has its share of advantages and disadvantages. For example, training on demand can offer you more flexibility. You can join the

  • Java Programming Learning Subscription
  • Unlimited Product Learning Subscription

Prepare Your Own notes While Covering the 1Z0-819 Syllabus:

Completion of the syllabus topics is crucial to ace the 1Z0-819 exam.  Many candidates can become stressed to cover the topics, but if you do it strategically, the whole exam preparation becomes so easy. Follow the ava SE 11 Programmer I Exam Fundamentals study guide to cover the exam topics. Though the book is written for the 1Z0-815 exam, it would still cover the maximum aspects of the 1Z0-819 exam.

Make A Routine to Study:

Make a plan, select the perfect study hour and devote at least two hours wisely—target a few topics to cover each day during the study session. If you have appeared for any certification in the past, then you would have noticed that making your notes can be helpful. Notes help you to understand the topics better. It is a proven fact that when a candidate writes about a topic or explains it to someone, he learns it better. Because the mind actually stores the data into the main memory. Whatever work you do, you can recall the studied topics and memorize them at any moment.

Another benefit of making your notes is that the notes help in quick revision. Only one to two hours will be enough to revise if you have written notes.

Join Forums for Discussions:

Another major tip to do well in your Java SE 11 Certification is to participate in forums like the JavaRach. The forum has dedicated certification forums for OCAJP 11 and OCPJP 11. By joining forums, you can keep yourself in the vicinity of people who are also preparing for the 1Z0-819 exam. You can discuss together, solve problems together, and you also get to know what’s going on with the overall certification.

In forums, there are people who share their own personal experience with the exam and how they passed or failed it. Those posts help a lot for candidates preparing for OCAJP 11 and OCJP 11 as you learn from their experience and avoid their mistakes.

You will also find stories about Certification success, like someone scored 90% or 95%. These posts motivate a candidate to do better. You also connect with people who have walked through the path you are going to walk soon. You can get to know about the valuable resources about your exam preparation.

Practicing for the 1Z0-819 Exam Makes Sense:

Self-evaluation is a must when preparing for any exam. The 1Z0-819 practice tests help you to evaluate yourself and offer valuable insights about your preparation level. You must follow the guidance and work hard to improve.

Bottom Line:

There is no doubt that the JAVA Developer certification could take your career to a new level. Java is highly demanded across the globe, and used by many organizations. So, get ready to ace your Oracle 1Z0-819 exam within no time, using valuable resources.

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