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Daniel, a successful CISA, dropped a mail at to thank the team. He eagerly reviewed the CISA materials at, as he was very skeptical at the beginning about the resources. But, his success changed the whole scenario.

His work experience in system security for several years was a suitable criterion to become the CISA, and he decided to get certified to have a better career. In this article, we will look at the CISA exam and Daniel’s journey to pass the exam.

What Is the CISA Certification?

CISA is world-known certification and acts as the standard of achievement for individuals who audit, control, monitor, and assess an organization’s information technology and business systems.

The examination is open to all professionals who possess an interest in information systems control, audit, and security. All aspirants are encouraged to work hard and take the CISA examination. Successful examination candidates receive all information required to apply for certification with their notification of a passing score.

Prerequisite to Take the CISA Exam:

An eligible candidate must have a minimum of 5-years of professional information systems security, control, security work, and audit experience as explained in the CISA job practice areas.

The job experience for CISA certification must be earned within the 10-year period before the application date for the CISA certification. Candidates should have 5-years from the passing date to apply for certification.

Waivers and Substitutions may be obtained to a maximum of 3 years as mentioned below:

  • 1 year of work experience can substitute a maximum of 1-year of information systems experience or IS auditing experience.
  • The equivalent of 2-4 year degree or 60 to 120 completed university semester credit hours, which is not limited by the 10-year preceding restriction, can be substituted for 1 or 2-years experience.
  • 1 year of experience can substitute a master’s degree in information security or information technology from an accredited university.

What Domains Are Covered under the CISA Exam?

The CISA exam includes five domains. These are-

  • Domain 1 – Information System Auditing Process (21%)
  • Domain 2 – Governance and Management of IT (17%)
  • Domain 3 – Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and implementation (12%)
  • Domain 4 – Information Systems Operation and Business Resilience (23%)
  • Domain 5 – Protection of Information Assets (27%)

Exam Structure:

The CISA exam is 4 hours (240 minutes) long, and it asks 150 multiple-choice questions. A candidate should get a 450 mark to pass the exam.

How Daniel Got Ready to Take the CISA Exam?

He Made a Study Plan:

Daniel made his study plan and was devoted to it.  He got ready for the exam in just six months’ time. Any candidate can cover the topics in less time, but Daniel chose the safer six-month plan to maintain his work life and exam preparation. However, the time differs based on your knowledge of auditing or IT security, as well as the time a candidate can devote each day.

Daniel used the “Study Schedule” option in the CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanation Database, which helped him accurately and clearly evaluate how ready he was for the exam by tracking his progress and reviewing your ReadyScore. He focused on a three hours study schedule to cover the five CISA domains.

How Long Does It Take to Become a CISA?

The CISA Review Questions, explanations, and answers Database offer a database of 1,000 questions where a candidate can check his result by job practice domain. Daniel made sure to read all the answer explanations that come with the questions, and the method helped him memorize the topics longer. He wrote down the questions that he was unable to answer for further review.

He Explored the Training Options:

Daniel enrolled for ISACA exam courses that included on-demand video training sessions, practice exams, and questions different from the CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Database.

He Stopped Studying before the Exam and Revised:

Daniel made sure to stop studying new material two weeks before his scheduled exam. He dedicated the time for review and ensured that everything he learned, including the CISA glossary, is at the top of his mind. In short, he devoted time to revise and recall the exam topics.

He Used the CISA Practice Test:

People get a lot of advice and valuable information from friends and colleagues who already got their CISA. Daniel also got support from a former boss, who prepared almost like Daniel but took additional support of the CISA practice exam at Daniel was very skeptical and was not ready to enroll, as he already practiced with CISA materials. But, he got the guidance to explore various practice questions to ensure his success in the first attempt. He followed the advice and enrolled in’s CISA practice test. Daniel became way more confident while taking the practice exams at He explored more variety of questions and reviewed again the areas he was unable to answer.

A combination of hard work, CISA materials, and’s CISA practice tests earned him the desired success.

I hope Daniel’s journey would inspire other aspirants to take CISA in the future.

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