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Anna wrote an exciting mail to when she got her Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. offers one of the most reliable Tableau materials, which undoubtedly helped Anna to attain success. Her data analyst career for few years and the suitable prerequisite to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist exam motivated her to appear for the exam. Let’s go through Anna’s exam journey.

Why Should An Aspirant Have the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification?

Tableau is rapidly growing in the BI industry, and it offers one of the most flourishing visualization tools. Big Data visualization is easier with Tableau now. The tool recognizes the pattern of the data sets and offers a visual representation of the data. Tableau works on the primary fact that the human brain receives visual patterns better than statistical data or illustrations. Hence, tableau Analysts use data patterns to get meaningful insights and statistics to represent the same data.

Overview of the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is a one-hour long exam, and the questions are multiple-choice in nature. Most questions are single response based, but some of the questions look for multiple responses. There are scenario-based questions too, which need hands-on knowledge with Tableau products. The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam is offered on a Windows Virtual Machine platform containing Tableau Desktop. The number division in the exam also changes depending on the question type. Generally, scenario-based questions are given more marks. A candidate needs to get 70% marks to pass the exam. The tableau desktop specialist exam is available in languages like English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French, International Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Target Audience for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

The exam is designed for candidates who have foundational skills and knowledge of Tableau Desktop and at least three months of experience to apply these skills in the product.

What Was Anna’s Study Plan to Ace the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam?

Anna Registered for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam:

Anna clicked the register button from the official page and registered for the exam to get the date. She took a time of three months to get ready. Loyalist Exam Services manages the exam partnered with Tableau.

She Used the Tableau White Paper:

Anna used the Tableau provided a guidebook for the tableau desktop specialist exam. She applied for the whitepaper and earned knowledge from the whitepaper provided by Tableau. Her target was to cover the exam topics well, and she did it quite gracefully. But only covering the syllabus was not enough; she used other resources offered by Tableau.

She Utilized Tableau Videos for Benefit:

If a candidate wants to learn how to prepare, analyze, and share your data, Tableau videos are for you. She watched the videos during her preparation. Tableau has offered knowledge about different topics like the tableau prep builder, the profile pane, the cleaning step, the pivot step, the union step, and many other aspects of the exam through these videos. Anna used to watch the videos during her lunchtime and watched them again if she needed to do so.

Desktop Specialist Exam to Rise & Shine as Tableau Desktop Specialist

She Joined the Training:

Anna joined the two-days long instructor-led training course, where she learned from the experts. The training was a combination of in-class training and additional self-paced eLearning.

Sample Questions from Was Helpful:

Tableau’s official preparation guide offers some sample questions, which could give a candidate idea about the questions to be asked in the actual exam. But Anna was not dependent on that material only. offers some useful sample questions for the tableau desktop specialist exam. When Anna started searching for the materials, she discovered the sample questions and mock tests first. The quality questions convinced her to give it a try with the practice test later.

Practice Tests at Helped Her to Get Self-Assessment:

A candidate must need to check if he is ready enough to take the exam at some point in exam preparation. Tableau exams need a practical experience undoubtedly, but practicing online at made her get ready to face the theoretical part. She struggled during initial attempts but managed to level up her preparation through gradual practice.

I, Jeff Root, am always happy to pen the success stories of other candidates to boost their confidence. Many aspirants are confused about the materials, hope the article helps them to some extent.

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