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VMCA: Study Guide for Becoming Veeam Certified Architect

The VMCA certification from Veeam is the highest level of Veeam certification. It proves that an individual has a high level of technical and business skills to design complex, enterprise-level Veeam deployments.

The VMCA certification is offered after passing two exams. The VMCA certification requires an existing Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE) certification and completing the Veeam Certified Engineer – Advanced: Design & Optimization (VMCE-ADO) training and exam.

VMCA issues certificates for VMware solution users, machine certificates for machines on which services are running, and ESXi host certificates. Host provisioning happens when the ESXi host is added to the vCenter Server explicitly or as part of the ESXi host installation.

The knowledge that Is Useful to Become A VMCA:

VMCA certification becomes easy if the participants have solid virtualization, backup, and recovery knowledge base.

What Is the VMCA Exam Structure?

The VMCA exam is one hour long multiple-choice exam and asks 40 questions. A candidate needs to get a 70% mark to pass the VMCA exam.

What Topics Are Covered under the VMCA Exam?

The exam deals with topics like-

  • Troubleshooting
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Automation      
  • Optimizations   
  • Security   
  • Infrastructure Assessment  
  • Design and Sizing       
  • Introduction      

Some Benefits After Getting Your VMCA Certification:

Gaining your VMCA certification confirms your technical abilities in the subject matter. A candidate becomes able to perform the following tasks after grabbing his certification.

VMCA Exam to Rise & Shine as Veeam Certified Architect

  • He can design and architect a Veeam solution in a real-world environment.
  • The candidate can describe best practices, review an existing infrastructure and assess business/project demands.
  • They learn to identify relevant infrastructure metrics and execute component (storage, CPU, memory) quantity sizing.
  • He can offer implementation and testing guidelines in line with designs.
  • The candidate learns to innovatively address design challenges and pain points that support appropriate Veeam Backup & Replication features with needs.

What Are the Study Resources to Get Ready for the VMCA Exam?

Join the Training:

The two-day long, Veeam Backup & Replication v11: Architecture and Design training session is focused on teaching IT professionals how to efficiently architect a Veeam solution through attending technical improvement following the Veeam Architecture Methodology, which Veeam’s own Solution Architects use.

During the two days of training, candidates will discover the goals of requirement gathering and infrastructure assessment and use that information to design Veeam solutions within team exercises. Aspirants will analyze considerations when turning logical designs into physical designs and prove the obligations to the implementation team that will enforce that design.

The training will also deal with governance, security, and validation impacts while architecting a Veeam solution and building these into the overall product.

Complete the VMCA Syllabus Topics:

Completion of the syllabus topics is a must. But if you do it with solid planning and creating a study schedule, the exam preparation becomes more manageable. Consider the syllabus topics and schedule a plan to cover them one by one. Make a target of covering at least two to three topics daily and accomplish your goal without fail. More knowledge about the syllabus will help you to attempt more questions in the exam.

Focus on Practicing More:

Technical exams need knowledge from the core, but they also need a lot of practice to swiftly attempt the exam hall questions. The VMCA practice test is designed by experts and helps a candidate get valuable insights into his strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, keep practicing and level up your preparation.

Bottom Line:

The Veeam Certified Architect, VMCA certification, is proof that a candidate possesses the necessary skills to manage all stages of a Veeam Availability. These stages include Suite installation, including designing, deploying, and optimizing Veeam Availability Suite either in enterprise environments or in a professional services capacity. When your credibility is proved through the certification, the chances are more that you will experience more job opportunities. Therefore, get Veeam certified.

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