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Career Spotlight on the ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP Certification

The Certified Information Security Systems Professional, or CISSP, is a certification awarded by the ISC2, known as International Information System Security Certification Consortium. This organization provides many certifications with definite concentrations which bank on the subject matter proficiency validation provided by CISSP. CISSP has to turn out to be a suite of certifications, including various facets of information systems security. One of CISSP concentration certifications is the CISSP-ISSMP (Information Security System Management Professional) certification.

CISSP-ISSMP confirms the certification holder excels at presenting, implementing, and managing organizational information security programs. Do you know the professional at your organization who put up the information security program? They are ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP certification holders.

Target Audience

The CISSP-ISSMP is designed for management positions within an organization accountable for establishing, presenting, and managing its information security program. Those seeking to, or already in, chief information officers (CIO), chief technology officers (CTO), or any other management professional managing organization information security or IT security.

Domains Included in CISSP-ISSMP Syllabus

The ISSMP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) incorporates a broad array of subjects, assuring its relevance to all domains in the area of information security management. Top applicants are well-versed in the applicable six areas. These domains are incorporated in your exam with distributed percentages as follows:

  • Leadership and Business Management 22%
  • Systems Lifecycle Management 19%
  • Risk Management 18%
  • Threat Intelligence and Incident Management 17%
  • Contingency Management 10%
  • Law, Ethics, and Security Compliance Management 14%

Why Earn Your CISSP-ISSMP Certification?

You’re at the forefront of your profession. Here are some reasons to challenge yourself with this CISSP-ISSMP certification:

  • Proof of Excellence: You want to stand out from your co-worker’s CISSPs. This concentration validates you have the best level of understanding and skills.
  • Brilliant Opportunities: The CISSP-ISSMP unlocks new doors: from great career paths and jobs to more interesting work.
  • Growth and Learning: This is an opportunity to explore further and sharpen your skills. You’ll find new ways to advance and stay at the leading edge of information security. And obtaining your concentration is a huge problem.
  • Ease of Continuing Education and Subscription: As a CISSP, you already have an association with (ISC)². If you earn the CISSP-ISSMP, you only have to share your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits with one organization. You may apply your CISSP-ISSMP CPE credits toward your CISSP need (as long as these credits are definite to security management). And your membership fees are less than if you obtain an advanced certification with a different organization. You’ll make most of your time, energy, and money.

Preparation Tips and Valuable Resources for ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP Exam

Certainly, the ISC2 certification exams can be a hard nut to crack. So, comprehensive preparation is needed if you want to get through the exam with good scores. There are many learning resources and techniques that the applicants have used to pass the ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP exam. Here are some of the most practical ways to avail yourself from your preparation:

1. Understand the CISSP-ISSMP Exam Syllabus

Becoming familiar with the exam structure is very vital. The complete information about the domains and skills measured can be obtained from the official page of the CISSP-ISSMP exam. Go through the objectives before you schedule the CISSP-ISSMP exam and start the preparation.

2. Enroll in Instructor-led Training Courses

Training courses are the most useful study materials, especially when you want to learn the concepts in detail. They provide you with in-depth coverage of all the essential information. So, this is something that you cannot overlook. There are many platforms that provide online training for this certification exam. These training courses are designed to impart to you the essential knowledge of the CISSP-ISSMP domains.

ISC2 Certifications: Inspire a Safe and Secure Cyber World

3. Obtain Relevant Study Guides

ISC2 provides a study guide for thorough exam preparation to help you become familiar with the exam topics. With the help of study guides, you will cover all the exam topics in a short time. The study guide centers on helping you develop unique skills that make you become a skilled certified professional.

4. Obtain Hands-On Experience

Hands-on experience is a fundamental aspect of success in any certification exam and one’s professional career. Any practical experience you get will be with you for a long time. It is beneficial when you’re expected to carry out real-world work and offer practical solutions.

5. Take CISSP-ISSMP Practice Tests

Practice tests will assist you in determining your learning progress and the preparation level for the CISSP-ISSMP exam. Though, make sure you take up practice tests on reliable platforms. Look for the platform which offers updated and authentic CISSP-ISSMP practice tests.

By performing these tests, you will identify your weaknesses and get an idea of where you need to work on. They are the most efficient way to see if you are remembering the concepts you have been studying. Assign sufficient time for taking them until you are sure of your learning.

Besides the specified study materials, the applicants must invest enough time and work smart. You require to start your preparation a few months before the exam date as it will take time to include all the objectives. This will give you enough time to study all the concepts in a detailed manner, do the revision, and take practice tests.


ISC2 certification exams are usually tough to pass. But once you get to pass it, you will be getting so many perks that will help you promote your career in IT. So if you want to pass your CISSP-ISSMP exam, you have to give your best. You can do so with the help of practice tests and other best resources available for you with just a simple google search.

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