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SPS: Scaled Professional Scrum Certification Study Guide & Questions for Guaranteed Success

Make Your SPS certification journey easy. Avail of the study guide and practice test resource that helps to crack the SPS exam smoothly.

Who Should Take the SPS Certification?

Any candidate who wishes to validate his or her depth of knowledge of the scaling Scrum and the Nexus Framework can take the Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) exam. Candidates who pass this assessment will earn the industry-recognized SPS certification that describes their mastery of the content. 

Is It Essential to Attend the SPS Training?

Taking a course is not needed, although the Scaled Professional Scrum course is highly recommended to enhance your knowledge.  If the candidate feels that he already possesses a high-level knowledge of how to scale Scrum and the Nexus Framework, he can appear for the SPS assessment directly. 

What Do You Learn through Your Scaled Professional Scrum [SPS] Certification?

  • A candidate learns how to manage and participate in scaled software and product development using Nexus.
  • He gains knowledge about the appropriate agile practices and scaling fundamentals that he can apply to multiple Scrum teams working together.

How to Prepare for the SPS Exam?

Join the SPS Training to Earn Multiple Benefits:

Though it is not essential for a candidate to attend the SPS training. Still, the training is highly suggested and holds high value.

SPS, Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus, is a 2-day course created as an experiential workshop where students learn how to scale Scrum using the Nexus Framework. During the training, a candidate is introduced to the new Nexus Integration team role, artifacts, and events within the framework and more than 50 associated uses. The training also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Scaled Professional Scrum certification exam.

The training is beneficial because all candidates completing the Scaled Professional Scrum training will receive a password to attempt the SPS, Scaled Professional Scrum assessment. SPS class candidates who attempt the SPS assessment within 14 days of getting their free password and do not obtain at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost. The industry-known SPS certification demands a minimum passing score of 85% and involves knowledge of the Nexus Framework, wisdom from the training, and Scrum.

Complete the SPS Syllabus and Use Scrum Materials:

Learning the SPS syllabus plays a vital role in passing the exam. A candidate who is versed in the syllabus topics certainly has more chance to pass the exam easily on his first attempt.

SPS Exam to Rise & Shine as Certified Scaled Professional Scrum

Scrum offers a concise book named The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum, which shows how Nexus helps teams to offer a complex, multi-platform product in short, without sacrificing consistency or quality, frequent cycles, and without adding unnecessary complexity or straying from Scrum’s core principles. In this book, the authors illustrate how Nexus helps teams solve common scaling challenges using an extended case study. These challenges include reducing cross-team dependencies, preserving team self-management and transparency, and ensuring accountability.

Follow the Nexus Guide:

A candidate must read the Nexus Guide and get really familiar with the topics. Nexus Guide is the primary source of all answers for the assessment.

Use Nexus Assessment Material:

Work with the Nexus Open assessment until you can cover it within time and score 100% twice in a row. This is essential as some of the most challenging questions here come up in the SPS actual assessment. So, this is a chance to pick up some easy points.

Read from Different Sample Questions and Use Videos:

Once you complete the syllabus topics, depend on quality SPS sample questions to widen your knowledge. There are videos available, which cover the essential details about the exam.

Enroll for Other Practice Tests:

As the assessment is an intermediate-level assessment, enrolling and using the other Open Assessments may also help a candidate prepare well. offers one of the best SPS practice tests. The test is a combination of expert-designed valuable questions and helps to know your preparation level with ease. Scoring high in the practice exams and completing them within the specified time is an assurance to have real exam experience. Therefore, focus more on the assessment through practice exams before reaching the exam hall.

Bottom Line:

Scrum certifications are valued worldwide, so getting the Scaled Professional Scrum certification holds high value for career advancement. Once you get certified, you indeed earn the power to prove your knowledge through the certification solely.

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