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1Z0-1049-21 Exam: The Study Guide & Practice Test Is within Reach Now!!!

Are you dealing with the OCS level 1Z0-1049-21 certification? Whatever Oracle knowledge you possess, having a study guide and using an online 1Z0-1049-21 practice test is the key to your success.

Overview of the 1Z0-1049-21 Exam:

A 1Z0-1049-21, Oracle Compensation Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist exam shows the required knowledge to sell and implement Oracle HCM Cloud Service solutions.

Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1049-21 certification are familiar with Base Pay, Individual Compensation, Workforce Compensation, and Total Compensation Statements.

How to Prepare for the 1Z0-1049-21 Exam?

Discover the 1Z0-1049-21 Syllabus and Follow Books to Get Ready:

A candidate’s primary plan should be covering the syllabus topics entirely from the core. The more knowledge a candidate would have from the syllabus, the possibility of attending questions will be more. The 1Z0-1049-21 exam covers the following topics. There are multiple books on Oracle HCM, which a candidate needs to study to cover the topics. Be it an online study resource or offline, the medium does not matter, but having a firm grip helps to score well.

  • Workforce Compensation Plans and Batch Processes     
  • Total Compensation Statements 
  • Workforce Compensation  
  • Individual Compensation    
  • Base Pay  
  • Elements, Balances, and Formulas        

Take a printout of the 1Z0-1049-21 syllabus and mark it according to your study plan. If you want to make your study enjoyable, use different colors to highlight different topics. Once you complete learning some topics, highlight them with a color, and highlight the topics needed to review with a different color. Put the study chart in place, where you can regularly see it, and following becomes easy.

Be Consistent with Your Routine:

Try to maintain your study hours till the exam day; if you fix two hours for daily study, stay committed to it. A candidate does not need to study for 5-6 hours, but devotion during only two study hours could bring success to your doorstep.

Join the 1Z0-1049-21 Training:

Oracle suggests training and hands-on lab experience for your success. Therefore a candidate may join any of the training sessions to level up his knowledge-

  • Oracle Compensation Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Learning Subscription

You can learn about the following topics during training-

  • Get started using Oracle Global HR Cloud
  • Implement, configure and extend your applications using best practices
  • Administer and manage your application
  • Navigate, use and complete business tasks in Oracle Global HR Cloud
  • Upgrade and leverage new features
  • Create and publish reports
  • Develop hybrid solutions where Cloud and on-premises coexist
  • Work more efficiently with team members using Oracle Social Network
  • Import and export data

Take Online 1Z0-1049-21 Practice Test:

Practicing online with the 1Z0-1049-21 practice test plays a vital role. Many websites offer online practice exams for the 1Z0-1049-21 exam. The practice exams are designed so well that they will give you the experience of taking the real exam. Some websites provide sample questions for the 1Z0-1049-21 exam. You can get the idea of their practice test by going through the sample questions. Dumps are readily available but try to avoid dumps as they only provide you with questions and answers, but assessing your preparation is not possible.

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What Is Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud?

Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud is a cloud-based human capital management solution suitable for human resources (HR) professionals. It allows users to design pay programs for global and local populations, streamline the payroll method that complies with local taxation and rules, as well as manage incentive compensation and benefits programs. Features include pay-for-performance, compensation plans modeling, benefits management, a self-service portal, HR-XML standard benefits extension, payroll integrations, and an automated sales compensation process.

Some Benefits of Using Oracle HCM:

  • Oracle HR analytics extend Oracle Applications to offer you insight into performance trends. The solution offers powerful reporting and workforce insights based on HR best practices, prebuilt dashboards, reports, and metrics.
  • Performance management possibilities from Oracle HCM offer real-time business intelligence and insight into the performance method. The HCM is designed to support employees and business leaders with managing worker performance.
  • Spend less time on paperwork and more time engaging employees. Oracle HCM offers scalable solutions to manage the complexities of payroll and the challenges of local compliance, taxes, and more.

Bottom Line:

Specialist-level certifications are always well-valued across the globe. Having the 1Z0-1049-21 certification makes your base strong to use Oracle Workforce Rewards Cloud in your work. The knowledge earned through the OCS level certification always keeps the probability open to earn more.

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