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How to Prepare for JN0-103 Exam with JNCIA-Junos Practice Test?

Juniper JN0-103 JNCIA-Junos is the entry-level of Juniper Networks Certifications. After passing the JN0-103 exam, applicants will hold a mid-level understanding of networking fundamentals and vital functions of the Juniper Networks routers & switches. JNCIA-Junos is the base certification in the Juniper Networks certification track and is a prerequisite for all higher-level Juniper Networks certifications. After completing this certification, candidates are qualified to take up higher-level Juniper certifications.

Top 7 Tips and Tricks To Pass Your JNCIA-Junos JN0-103 Certification Exam

To earn the most sought-after JNCIA-Junos certification, you must take concrete steps to pass the JN0-103 exam. Exam preparation is the most significant step that demands ample time and the proper study resources. To ensure that you are ready for your exam before you ultimately sit for it, here are exam prep tips to smoothen your preparation journey. Study them and use them. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Avail Up to Date Exam Information from Juniper Website

Always visit the official Juniper JN0-103 Webpage to get any important details regarding your exam. Details like JN0-103 exam syllabus topics, exam registration, prerequisites, and training courses are available on the website.

2. Plan for Your JNCIA-Junos Exam

Once you’ve registered for your JN0-103 JNCIA-Junos exam, the next step to do is to plan for it. Once you have a clear idea of what the exam entails, you must formulate a study plan. Start your prep in good time to evade a last-minute rush. Make a practical and realistic study plan that explains the topics to consider, how to study them, and how much time is needed for each topic.

3. Organize Your Study Resources Together

When you know which topics the exam will test you on, it becomes more straightforward for you to settle on the study resources to use. They involve study guides, books, and JNCIA-Junos practice tests to help you master these topics in detail. Make sure that the study resources are in an easily approachable place. If you are unable to find them, you may turn out to be wasting time that you may have used for your revision.

4. Find a Study Buddy to Keep You On Track

Just like a buddy at the gym can help you adhere to your workout routine, the same type of relationship is essential for studying for your Juniper Junos Associate certification exam. Start by trying to find a study buddy in your organization looking to take a certification exam — preferably the same exam as you. You can also look for a colleague or friend who’s already passed a JNCIA-Junos certification exam to give you some valuable insight.

5. Attempt JNCIA-Junos Practice Test

While preparing for any exam, the best way to gauge what you have learned is through taking JNCIA-Junos practice tests. These tests are specifically created to help applicants prepare the ground for the exam day by assessing beforehand if they can competently give a JNCIA-Junos practice test in a given time. To score well in the JNCIA-Junos exam, the perfect time to take JNCIA-Junos practice tests is just a few days before the showdown, when you have studied all the syllabus of each subject or section. Set your timer, take a sample paper, and give the test as you would do on the d-day. In this manner, you will also get to know which sections are taking considerable time for you and where you can save your time.

6. Identify Your Weak Points

This is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account while studying for exams. You should make a list of your weak concepts and work on them and the rest of the topics. For instance, if you’re weak in the Operational Monitoring and Maintenance topic, it might scare you, and you will try to evade it as much as possible. You should cover the challenging topic in your study plan to not feel stressed out towards the end. Moreover, once you know which concepts you need to strengthen, ask your friends to help or seek guidance from tutors regarding the same.

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7. Reduce your Smartphone Usage

It is obvious to get distracted by the several applications on your smartphones, and that’s why it is necessary to set a minimal time to use your mobile while studying for your JN0-103 JNCIA-Junos exam. Also, applicants spend a lot of time on social media, that it becomes challenging to concentrate on studies. Stay away from the smartphone as much as possible and spend long hours on the smartphone throughout your exam preparation.


Preparing for your JN0-103 JNCIA-Junos certification exam demands time, effort, and appropriate revision resources. A combination of great study resources, JNCIA-Junos practice tests from, and other relevant study materials will boost your confidence in a significant way. These tips and tricks will be of excellent help to you if you follow them rigorously.

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