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10 Great Benefits of Earning the CEH Certification

CEH is one of the most demanded security certifications in the cybersecurity industry. EC-Council offers it, confirming that an individual has a high-level knowledge of network security, cryptography, programming languages such as Python and C++, and other topics. This post will explore what benefits someone can relish if they achieve their ethical hacker certification by passing the CEH v11 exam.

Top 10 Benefits of Earning the CEH Certification

1) Strengthen Your Knowledge

One of the desirable benefits of achieving a CEH certification is that you’ll have availability to high-level expertise. The self-paced coursework and the most advanced technologies are meant for individuals holding technical skillsets and those without specific training. The CEH v11 exam has been updated according to industry feedback from professionals all over the world.

2) Mindset of a Hacker

The certification will also explain to you the hacker’s viewpoint. You’ll learn how to think like a hacker and get their impulses, which helps perceive likely threats. You can even take your improved knowledge to the next step by engaging in EC-Council’s Hacker Challenge or completing EC-Council’s Penetration Testing training.

3) CEH Certification is Perfect for Penetration Tester

The CEH certification is perfect for penetration testers, as their work requires understanding the hacker’s viewpoint. It will also be beneficial when assessing potential threats and how to defend against them. It can even help you with your job possibilities if you’re looking to get a cybersecurity certification or want a promotion at your organization.

4) Big Hike in Salary

Earning the CEH certification can get a significant hike in your salary. The average yearly wage for a penetration tester is $97,000 annually, as reported by, and that’s not counting rewards or other aspects like corporation culture and work-life stability.

5) Information Security As a Career

Passing the CEH v11 exam can open up brilliant career opportunities as an advanced information security professional.

6) Certification from EC-Council

If you want to confirm that you have a high level of skills in this field, earning the CEH certification is one way to do so. An individual with their EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker certification will improve their knowledge and skillset and enhance their point of view on how hackers operate. They’ll also assess potential threats better and increase their odds of getting a higher-paying job or promotion.

7) Mastery in Real-World Hacking

Receiving the ethical hacking certification will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in real-world hacking. As a Certified Ethical Hacker, you’ll understand how hackers hit with their attacks and recognize Windows or Linux systems flaws.

8) Awareness of Hacking Tools and Systems

Passing the CEH v11 exam equips you with knowledge of hacking tools and strategies. You will come to know the most advanced techniques for both system exploitation along application vulnerability identification.

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9) CEH Certification Improves Your Job Prospects

Achieving the CEH certification will improve your odds for a job. You’ll better protect against hackers holding this certification and know their perspective that can be helpful when assessing potential threats.

10) EC-Council Certified Ethical Hackers Are Coveted by Organizations

Organizations are more and more going to desire certified professionals as the effects of cybercrime remain to grow. With a CEH certification, you’ll be able to prove that you know how hackers think and operate–and will completely understand possible threats before they become a problem for your organization.

Who Should Obtain CEH Certification?

The EC-Council has designed the CEH certification to benefit specific profiles and professionals. These professionals are the biggest audience for the Certified Ethical Hacking certification. These profiles are:

  • Systems auditors – These are the professionals who audit technology systems
  • Security professional includes cybersecurity analysts, network security engineers, and incident responders, among other security-related professional roles.
  • Site administrator – These professionals administer network assets and systems.
  • Network infrastructure professionals – This involves those who maintain and secure network infrastructure, systems, etc.
  • Penetration testers and cybersecurity experts can also benefit from the CEH certification.

The CEH certification is one of the most coveted certifications in IT security. It prepares professionals on how to recognize, monitor, and moderate breaches. The skills acquired from obtaining this certification will be worthwhile in any organization that appreciates cybersecurity because it’s a rapidly-growing field that gives tons of career opportunities for certified.

CEH is prestigious in the industry and beyond industries. Obtaining CEH certification signals to your organization that you’re committed to bringing a profound understanding of cybersecurity. It also shows an interest in improving your professional development, which will make them more likely to invest time and resources into qualify you for future opportunities.


If you think this certification can remarkably advance your career, start your journey towards becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker now!

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