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1Z0-1079-21 Exam: Effective Practice Test to Become an Oracle Certified Specialist

Are you interested in cracking the 1Z0-1079-21 exam and making a career with Oracle? You must explore the valuable study guide and practice test through the certification.

Overview of the 1Z0-1079-21 Certification:

A 1Z0-1079-21 certified Oracle SCM Global Trade and Transportation Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Specialist had proved the knowledge needed to explain Oracle Transportation Management core functionalities and configure the User Interface.

Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1079-21 certification are able to use Global Trade Management to include Configuring User Role and Setup, Configure Restricted Party Screening, and Product Classification Codes. They can perform Freight Payment and Data Management; plan Automation Agents and the Shipment Planning method to create Order bases and Order Releases.

Details of the 1Z0-1079-21 Certification:

The 1Z0-1079-21 exam is 90 minutes long multiple-choice type exam and asks 55 questions. A candidate needs to get a 64% mark or more to pass the exam. Passing the exam earns you the Oracle SCM Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud 2021 Implementation Specialist (OCS) certification.

How to Study for the 1Z0-1079-21 Exam?

An OCS-level certification undoubtedly needs special preparation. A candidate should take the following steps seriously to get ready for the exam-

Don’t Hurry to Take the Exam:

Devoting enough time to the preparation is always essential to pass any exam, and it works in the same manner for the 1Z0-1079-21 exam. The 1Z0-1079-21 certification is the topmost certification level from Oracle. That means the candidate is versed in different Oracle products and levels. Some of the experienced candidates may feel very confident to take the exam, but whatever qualification you possess, taking enough time is important to prepare in a flawless manner.

Have Firm Grip on the 1Z0-1079-21 Syllabus:

Cracking the 1Z0-1079-21 exam depends on your preparation level and having a firm grip on the syllabus topics. Oracle syllabus is never percentage-based, but you can get an idea about the exam length by going through the sub-topics division. You can use Oracle press-released books to learn online or offline format. Oracle books are best to enhance a candidate’s knowledge.

Make Short Notes During Study:

Prepare your notes during the study and make a habit of writing down after learning a new thing. Reading and writing technique helps you to memorize the topics for longer.

Stay Motivated Till the Actual 1Z0-1079-21 Exam Day:

You could get bored learning all the syllabus topics. It is normal to have more interest in some syllabus topics than the others; that is completely fine, but keeping a positive attitude is beneficial till the last day.

Make A habit to Practice Online with 1Z0-1079-21 Practice Test:

Taking the 1Z0-1079-21 practice test online is the most appropriate way to pass the exam on the first attempt. Studying from dumps or only studying could be a loss for many candidates. What is your preparation level? You need to check this out continuously through 1Z0-1079-21 online tests. Taking practice exams will help you assess your performance level. You can simply get valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses and can work on the needed areas.

Don’t Miss out the Chance to Learn from the Experts:

Oracle offers training for the 1Z0-1079-21 exam. These are as follows-

  • Oracle SCM Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Learning Subscription

A candidate can join any of the above-mentioned training and learn from the experts via an online platform.

Learn More about Oracle SCM Transportation and Global Trade Management Cloud:

Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) is a unique global compliance solution that helps organizations of any size and in all geographies to centrally manage their global trade operations. Oracle Global Trade Management allows companies to optimize, automate, and monitor cross-border transactions from a unified trade and transportation platform.

1Z0-1081-21 Certification: Grab the Much Needed Study Guide for Assistance

What Are the Benefits of Using Oracle Global Trade Management?

Global Trade Content Management:

Manage and upload all required global trade content needed for key services, such as restricted party lists, product classification codes, and more. As the solution works with a third-party content provider, Oracle GTM offers tools for automated upload and processing of trade content for use at that moment or later.

Trade Master Data:

Arrange trade-related data such as description, item ID, and country of origin with the solution easily. Suppliers can have a product catalog and classification data directly, while brokers can download, update, or simply view product classification data and other needed compliance elements for prompt and accurate Customs filings. Oracle GTM also enables users to store and manage trading partner data such as end-use and end-user profiles, certifications, anti-boycott flags, registrations, and other compliance or security-related information Key features·

Ease out the Tasks:

Global trade content upload is easy now.

  • Centralized master trade data repository·
  • Easy and proper product classification·
  • Get fast and accurate restricted party & sanction screening·
  • Landed cost simulation for sourcing decision making·
  • Use trade agreements to reduce duties and taxes.

Bottom Line:

Oracle Global Trade Management uses a combined logistics framework, a solution that offers unparalleled visibility and control over both orders and shipments. Oracle GTM allows companies to optimize and streamline business methods related to cross-border trade by layering trade data and milestones over the physical flow of goods. With well-structured compliance terms and trade automation tools to help implement and enforce, organizations can begin to achieve best trade practices across and beyond the organization.

Therefore, get the 1Z0-1079-21 certification, increase your visibility and make new ways for career improvement.

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