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DA-100: How to Get Power BI Certified

Are you just starting on your Power BI career, or are you a seasoned BI developer? Anyhow, earning your Microsoft DA-100 Certification can give several personal and professional benefits, comprising:

  • Confirming your Power BI knowledge and expertise
  • Sharing and fostering your accomplishment with the world
  • Connecting with other colleagues who are certified
  • Multiplying access to new jobs and career advancement opportunities

Important Information About Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI DA-100 Exam

Microsoft’s DA-100 Exam: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI is intended for business intelligence professionals accountable for designing and building scalable Power BI reporting solutions.

A Look at Microsoft Power BI DA-100 Certification

The exam comprises various topics, including importing and preparing data, building relational models, creating and publishing reports, and sharing dashboards with stakeholders beyond organizations.

DA-100 Exam Structure

The DA-100 certification exam structure is comparatively simple. It includes anywhere from 40-60 questions, which must be answered within a time limit of 180 minutes. To pass, you’ll need to score at least 70%, or 700 out of a possible 1,000 marks.

  • Exam Name: Microsoft Certified – Data Analyst Associate
  • Exam Code: DA-100
  • Exam Price: $165 (USD)
  • Duration: 180 mins
  • Number of Questions: 40-60
  • Passing Score: 700 / 1000
  • Schedule Exam: Pearson VUE

9 Best Tips for Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI DA-100 Certification

The DA-100 exam preparation is a daunting task. Earning this certification demands commitment and a practical plan. By learning how to utilize these tips, you save time and make the most out of preparation.

Tip 1 – Study in Short Chunks

Sitting at one stretch and soaking up the information doesn’t work, rather plan your studies in small short chunks. Try to find one hour each day. Also, it helps if you have a study schedule. It will save you hours in deciding what to study and when.

Tip 2 – Decide a Definite Time to Study

The best way to learn the concept is to learn them regularly. Being a working professional, your life must be hectic, and it is difficult to take time to study from busy work life and other responsibilities.

Tip 3 – Create Flash Cards

Rather than repeatedly studying from one study material such as a study guide or learning from a video, you like to create flashcards of the essential topics. You’ll be more productive in your preparation, and the bonus is that creating the cards helps in revision also. Moreover, cards are conveyable and easy to take out to study in a filch. If you don’t want to make cards the obsolete way, learn from Quizlet.

Tip 4 – Establish a Specific Goal for Every Study Session.

This is where a guide can help. Commit each session to concentrate on a definite section with the guide. This will help you sidestep studying material again.

Tip 5 – Explain what you learned in Easy Language

At the end of studying each DA-100 exam topic, write a couple of sentences explaining, in easy language, what you studied. This works as an evaluation to understand if you know the concepts. If you can explain it, then you don’t know it well enough.

Tip 6 – Take DA-100 Practice Test

Get yourself engaged with attempting the Microsoft DA-100 practice test. Practice tests help you put your mind into the exam conditions. Also, review your result and identify your weak points and work on them. They allow you to understand what areas you should focus more attention, to get it right the next time. Practice tests are an excellent way to acquire confidence.

Once you have worked through a DA-100 practice test as many times as possible, you’ll know for sure what topics need future preparation. This will save you time since you won’t be spending time studying topics you already understand.

Tip 7 – Set up an Effective Study Place

Set up an effective place where you can study. Have all the study resources you need at your reach. Having a decided space can also help with “priming,” that is, letting your mind know it is about to study.

Tip 8 – Don’t Listen to Music While Studying

Researches reveal that studying music, extremely rhythmic, prompts you to have less focus.

Tip 9 – Turn off your Smartphone to raise your DA-100 Exam Score!

The smartphone will only help you be distracted. Put it in airplane mode, so you’re not disturbed. If you cannot turn off your phone, at least make sure all the notifications are turned off. Don’t check email or Facebook while studying. Doing so just trash your valuable study time!

Read and re-read. Practice and re-practice. Repeat until stagnation and strengthen your foundation. And crack your DA-100 exam.

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