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This article is all about John’s Oracle certification journey with He reviewed’s 1Z0-996-21 practice test material positively after his success. Let’s get an overview of the certification and get some valuable tips from John.

What is the 1Z0-996-21 Certification all about?

The 1Z0-996-21 certification is a specialist level certification with 60 questions. The 90 minutes long exam needs you to score a 68% mark to grab the certification. The exam is a combination of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions.

What Do You Become after the 1Z0-996-21 Certification?

After passing the 1Z0-996-21 exam, a candidate becomes Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist. Through the certification preparation, a candidate learns to implement and configure different services. These services include managing rates and payments, billing, monitoring overdue debt, measurements, managing customer information and financial transactions, devices & measuring components, Fieldwork, and Service Order Management, VEE, Operational Device Management, Usage. Oracle suggests having up-to-date training to pass the exam.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oracle CCS for Organizations?

  • The solution offers modern, data-enriched experiences across channels.
  • Helps customers on their terms with preference management.
  • Improves call center performance and streamline case management via the clear, intuitive user interface.
  • Use Meter and customer data in one system of record to get deeper insights and service opportunities.
  • Aid customers to self-serve for common activities such as payments and appointment setting, account management, start-stop transfer, all with real-time updates back to CCS records.
  • Reduced Costs and Streamline Operations.
  • Speed up the implementation to offer CIS and MDM in months, not years.
  • Free your IT team to support innovation rather than system maintenance.

Here Are Some Practical Tips from John to Pass the 1Z0-996-21 Exam:

Get Your Materials Ready at one Place:

If you get your things organized in one place, studying becomes easy. John gathered all his study materials in one place to use his study time effectively.

He focused on distraction-free study hours and made sure to feel comfortable, and tried to focus as possible. Some candidates prefer to study in complete silence, some love to study in a busy room, whichever study method suits you, choose that to make your two to three hours of daily study comfortable and effective. John suggested not to waste time on changing the study space daily, and set your mind at peace for better productivity. He took the time of two months to get ready for the exam.

Cover the Entire Syllabus from the Core:

A candidate can select his study space, make his schedules, and make the preparation plan accordingly. John focused on covering the syllabus from the core. He made a chart and mentioned his daily goals, and tried to cover the daily goals with devotion. John took two to three topics for daily study and covered each from the core. His strategy was to focus on one topic, write the details out of the topics, and move to the next. John maintained a separate notebook and kept the important details written there. The notes were very helpful later during revision. 

Candidate’s Should Not Rush to Take the Exam:

According to John, the best method to take any IT exam is taking enough time and organizing the study properly. Taking enough time allows a candidate to learn the topics properly without any hassle.

Discuss Your Answers to Friend Family and Forum:

How could you be in the flow of exam preparation? If you keep on discussing the topics with friends and family, your memorization power would get a boost. John joined the forums to discuss the exam-related problems he faced.

Taking Break Is Your Birth Right:

Many candidates set their study time in a manner that they keep on studying throughout those hours. John suggested every candidate take a break during preparation to energize their brain and keep the learning flowing.

Join the Oracle Training:

Every candidate must take the Oracle Utilities Learning Subscription and learn from the experts. John suggested, self-paced or instructor-led, whatever method a candidate chooses, he must stick to it.

1Z0-1085-21 Exam: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations 2021| Practice Test to Become an Associate Soon!! Offered Valuable Practice Test:

John was highly dependent and thankful to for their valuable 1Z0-931-21 practice test. He got powerful insights about his preparation and evaluated his performance every time he took the exam. The unique features at like unlimited attempts and tests at any time helped John to practice with ease. He gradually boosted his confidence and scored well in the final exam. Due to rigorous practice, he became familiar during the actual exam time.

Bottom Line:

The specialist level 1Z0-931-21 exam is can be a great career builder. I hope John’s success story would inspire many candidates and would help them to choose the trusted material for their success.

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