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Why Opt for Microsoft PL-600 and How You Can Prepare for It?

To work with stakeholders and focus on the solutions that affect the organization’s entire business and technical needs, one needs to be a Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect Expert. And, to obtain this certification, one needs to pass the Exam PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect. So, let us begin with some vital information! This article will help the applicants with some study resources, which will surely help the applicant prepare thoroughly.

Microsoft PL-600 exam measures the applicant’s skill to carry out technical tasks like performing solution envisioning and necessary analyses, architect a solution, and executing the solution. Microsoft Power Platform solution architects direct booming implementations and address the organizations’ more comprehensive business and technical requirements. The Solution Architect is accountable for the effective design, implementation, deployment, and adoption of a total solution. The Solution Architect assures that the solution satisfies the client’s requirements now and in the future.

Microsoft PL-600 Exam Details

  • First of all, the PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect Exam cost is $165.
  • Secondly, talking about the number of PL-600 exam questions, there will be 40-60 questions.
  • Thirdly, the exam is taken in the English language.
  • Next, the passing marks for the exam are 700 on a scale of 1-1000.
  • Lastly, the PL-600 exam questions type is multiple choice and multiple response questions.

PL-600 Exam Topics

  • Perform solution envisioning and requirement analyses (35-40%)
  • Architect a solution (40-45%)
  • Implement the solution (15-20%)

Microsoft PL-600 Exam: Preparation Resources

Although the scope of the study for this Microsoft exam is broad, there are sufficient study resources that will help the applicants learn the exam concepts quickly. Let’s explore some of the study resources available for complete exam preparation.

1. Instructor-led Training Courses

You can benefit from the various training courses available for the Microsoft PL-600 exam. If you don’t know where to begin, Microsoft’s official website is the best place to start with. You will come across online training, video tutorials, instructor-led courses, and study guides. You can also look out for third-party resources that provide virtual training courses for Microsoft PL-600.

2. Study Guides

The study guide is intended to equip the applicants with the relevant skills and knowledge for the exam and help them acquire real-world competence in carrying out power platform solutions.3

3. Watch Videos

Study guides may not be a suitable study resource for some applicants as it may sometimes be tiring to read through large study guides. For such instances, learning from videos is the best way. You can watch videos concerning to PL-600 exam on YouTube to acquire a thorough understanding of the topics you studied. And in addition to that, you can also watch videos shared by previous PL-600 applicants to get their exam tips and tricks.

4. PL-600 Practice Tests

Your preparation for the Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect exam cannot be satisfied without attempting PL-600 practice tests. You can visit the Microsoft website to find the link to the official practice test. For more superior practice exam questions, you should visit, where you’ll obtain the most updated and reliable questions and answers that will ensure your exam success.

What Is So Appealing about Microsoft Certified – Power Platform Solution Architect Expert Certification?

Earning Microsoft Certified – Power Platform Solution Architect Expert certification is the best way to confirm your skills. But that is not the only alluring benefit you obtain out of it. Here are a few:

Great Deal of Job Opportunities

Many top-level jobs demand applicants to have specific certifications to apply for them. Having certification added to your resume will ensure that you hold the essential skills to carry out the given tasks.


Having more qualifications than that needed at your present position makes you suitable for a promotion. Microsoft Certification can give you the added skills for it.

Higher salary

And the added qualifications you gain through a certification make you qualified for a higher salary, and employers would be willing to pay more to obtain an experienced employee. Payscale says that Microsoft Certified – Power Platform Solution Architect Expert can make as much as $123,500 a year on average for a year, which is appealing, right?


There is a lot you can avail of from the Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect certification. Schedule the Microsoft PL-600 exam and work hard to pass the exam to enjoy the benefits it brings. Make sure that you study from reliable study resources and attempt practice tests on