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MB-240 Microsoft Exam: How to Prep and Pass

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service – MB-240 exam gauges applicants’ skill to carry out the following technical responsibilities: configure field service applications; manage work orders; schedule and dispatch work orders; control field service mobility; manage inventory and purchasing, and handle assets and agreements.

Microsoft MB-240 Exam Information

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service MB-240 exam comprises 40-60 questions of multiple-choice and multi-response types. Applicants must finish the exam within a time limit of 120 minutes, and a score of at least 700 or more points is required to pass the exam. The exam will cost you $165. Also, the MB-240 exam is taken in the English language.

The MB 240 Exam Topics covered are:

  • Configure field service applications (15-20%)
  • Manage work orders (15-20%)
  • Schedule and dispatch work orders (25-30%)
  • Manage field service mobility (10-15%)
  • Manage inventory and purchasing (5-10%)
  • Implement Connected Field Service (10-15%)

A Complete Guide for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service MB-240 Exam Preparation

The following tips are recommended best learning for assuring flying scores from your MB-240 exam preparation.

1. Visit the official MB-240 Certification Page.

Once you have decided to take up the MB-240 certification exam, the first place to go through the official webpage, the official webpage is the perfect source to receive authentic and updated information about the MB-240 exam. Applicants can receive essential information for this Microsoft exam preparation from the official certification webpage.

2. Take Up in the Training Course

The preparation of any applicant for a Microsoft exam is incomplete without training. Microsoft emphasizes the significance of the two official ways to acquire training for the MB-240 exam. Applicants can opt for free online training or paid instructor-led training from the Microsoft official website.

3. Use MB-240 Practice Test

One of the most important elements you shall include in your preparation for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service MB-240 exam is practice tests. MB-240 practice tests are important for gauging your preparation level in various domains of this Microsoft exam. Most significantly, you could become familiar with the exam structure and type of MB-240 exam questions by attempting practice tests regularly.

4. Engage in Online Community

Finally, you need to support the online community to make your preparations enjoyable. Online communities and forums could help you receive updated information about the MB-240 exam. Moreover, you could also get different and exclusive insights on approaching your exam preparations for MB-240. Moreover, you could also find other members opting for this Microsoft exam along with you as a good element in your preparation.

Why should you Pass MB-240 Exam?

1. To Obtain Distinct Skills

Becoming a professional in any field demands you to master definite specific skills. Because of Microsoft’s contributing learning atmosphere, study materials, and extensive exams, you can be sure about your success. Your certification will prove to the world that you have the skills that businesses and other organizations can utilize to their benefit.

2. A Certification from Microsoft

Microsoft is the most prevalent vendor for IT services and products and qualifying applicants with practical skills applicable in the market today. While earning your certification, the process you go through is a little challenging but worth it. The organization’s objective is to ensure that you receive specific skills and expertise to accomplish technical tasks and aid businesses in meeting their objectives.

3. You Become More Competent

Earning appropriate skills enhances your efficiency at work. With relevant skills and expertise, you’ll have a solid technique for technical tasks and problem-solving. So, if you want to be efficient in performing your work routines, a Microsoft Dynamic 365 certification would boost your performance.

4. Distinguish You From Your Colleagues

Earning Microsoft Dynamics 365 certification is excellent evidence of your skill. There’s more demand for professionals with these credentials compared to those without. Once you receive it, you’ll be better placed to embrace the opportunities that come up by the day.

5. Amazing Career Opportunities

Unique and cutthroat skills mean amazing career opportunities. With this Microsoft certification, you’ll have a greater opportunity of obtaining a well-paying job with other perks.

6. Career Advancement

When you have the appropriate skills, you become efficient and more trustworthy at work—being a reliable professional means a lot to your career in a considerable amount of time. There is a great possibility of getting a promotion and being given more relevant responsibilities to your skills when you hold a certification. Microsoft Dynamics 365 confirms to your employer that you are committed to providing better results.


As you begin your MB-240 exam preparation after reading this, there are some essential matters. Visiting the official page for the MB-240 exam is important for your preparation. Do not ignore the importance of online training courses and MB-240 practice tests in enhancing your odds of success.

And on a final note, you should remember not to take too much stress for the exam. Just stay calm, prepare thoroughly and reach your goal!