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Microsoft PL-200 Exam Guide: Take This Path with Practice Tests

Earning Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate certification confirms the skills and practical knowledge of the Power Platform, along with practical understanding of capabilities, boundaries, and limitations. The PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant certification qualifies professionals to help businesses efficiently utilize Power Platform products and tools.

The PL-200 exam evaluates the applicant’s skill in the following domains:

  • Configure Microsoft Dataverse (20-25%)
  • Create apps by using Microsoft Power Apps (15-20%)
  • Create and manage Microsoft Power Automate (15-20%)
  • Implement Microsoft Power Virtual Agents chatbots (10-15%)
  • Integrate Microsoft Power Apps with other apps and services (10-15%)
  • Manage solutions (15-20%)

PL-200 Exam Pattern

It’s a fair idea to know what you’re getting into before you sit for the PL-200 exam.

  • The PL-200 exam comprises 40-50 questions.
  • You have 120 minutes to finish the exam.
  • You need to get a score of 700 / 1000 to pass the exam.
  • The PL-200 exam question types can be multiple choice, Yes/ No questions, drag and drop, and reordering.
  • You can register for the exam at the Pearson VUE platform.
  • The exam cost is $165.

Microsoft Power Platform Certification can be advantageous in many ways, such as.

  • Provides Competitive Edge
  • Raises Your Remunerations
  • Proves Your Capabilities
  • Showcase Your Skills
  • Improve Your Credibility
  • Provides Better Employability

Tips for Microsoft PL-200 Exam Preparation

The IT field is constantly developing, hence the endless competition in different areas. You have to beat others concerning your knowledge, skills, and mainly certifications to endure and continue flying high in the competition.

This is a suggestion for you not to be delighted where you are currently. You have to dream more elevated and prospect for the next step. And The next step for you is to achieve reputable certifications and become an acknowledged administrator. If others made it, you also have what it takes to become one as long as you want it.

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If you’ve decided to chase the next step of your IT profession, here is some suggestion that you require to take note of to crack Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam successfully:

1. Visit the Official Website

Microsoft offers essential details of the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam on its official site. If you explore the Microsoft PL-200 webpage, you will also notice helpful study guides relating to PL-200 exam preparation. These comprise online learning and training courses along with support forums.

2. Create a preparation plan

Beforehand, list down the PL-200 exam topics you need to cover for every exam and the sub-topics you require to begin with. Make sure you make a practical and realistic study plan for PL-200 exam preparation and strictly follow it.

3. Make Notes

Another helpful way to get good scores in Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam is to make notes throughout the exam preparation. When you make your tips and synopses for an exam, writing them down by yourself, you will be able to remember them for a longer time.

4. PL-200 Practice Test

If you want to become an expert at answering PL-200 exam questions, the best way to go about it is to attempt a practice test. Identify your weak areas and work upon them. Become familiar with the PL-200 exam environment and decrease anxiety during an actual exam. You will be confident enough to answer and pass the Microsoft PL-200 exam in no time.

5. Join a Study Group

The applicant should get and share knowledge to pass the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant PL-200 exam. So, we suggest you join some study group or online community to discuss the doubts with the people who have the same objective. This will lead the applicant across their preparation.

6. Relax

When it’s time for the Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam, the most sensible thing you can do is relax, knowing that you’ve studied to the best of your knowledge. While you require to take every PL-200 exam question sincerely, going into the exam stressed and overwhelmed will double your odds of failure. Perfection is not the intent; fulfillment is. Let yourself off the hook by comprehending that it’s okay to skip a question, sometimes guess or get baffled by a question’s language. You can always retake the exam if needed.

Benefits of Taking PL-200 Practice Test

  • Comprehend PL-200 exam structure better
  • Boosts your confidence
  • Helps with Revision and PL-200 exam preparation
  • Enhance time management skills
  • Helps make appropriate preparation procedure


To improve the odds of success in the PL-200 exam, you should take advantage of all the available reliable resources: the study guides from the Microsoft official website, PL-200 practice test from, online videos, etc. So, make sure you won’t miss one to achieve and develop the required skills as a Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant.