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1Z0-808: Can You Rely on Practice Test to Pass the Oracle Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam?

You can pass the 1Z0-808 exam on your first attempt if you combine practical study tips with a rigorous practice test-taking approach. You can earn your Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer (OCA) certification in no time, with valuable self-evaluation and further learning methods.  

Overview of the 1Z0-808 Certification:

The OCA level Java SE 8 Programmer I or the 1Z0-808 certification helps you build a foundational knowledge of the Java language. The 1Z0-808 is the first exam of the two exams that help you get the professional level Java certification. To get his Java Programmer badge, a candidate must pass the 1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809 exam.

Some Practical Tips to Earn the 1Z0-808 Exam:

Discover What’s in the Exam:

You might feel that exploring the 1Z0-808 exam syllabus is the simplest task. But, your proper study plan starts from this basic point. The 1Z0-808 exam is 150 minutes long with multiple-choice questions. Now, if you don’t know the exam pattern from the beginning, your study and learning approach could be completely different. You must be prepared to attempt 70 questions within the given time and obtain a 65% mark to pass the exam. You could be more serious regarding the exam preparation if you take the paid registration and proceed further.

Improve Knowledge with Experts:

Never miss out on the learning process with experts. You can take the instructor-led training or take the learning subscription. You need to be very good in the theoretical and practical parts both if you want to work flawlessly as a programmer in the future. Therefore join any of the following training for maximum benefit-

  • Unlimited Learning Subscription – All Technology
  • Java SE 8 Fundamentals
  • Java Learning Subscription

Stay Focused with A 1Z0-808 Study Guide:

If you make a study guide mentioning your plans and goals, you could stay more focused during the preparation. You can proceed without a study guide for the 1Z0-808 exam, but this could lead you to stress regarding daily studies and goals. On the other hand, if you have a study guide, you need to follow this guide and accomplish your daily goals and targets for easy success.

Learn the 1Z0-808 Syllabus Topics from the Core:

Be clear about the topics you want to cover on a particular day and try to grasp the knowledge through combined reading and writing. Don’t plan to cover several topics at a time; instead, focus on covering two to three topics daily with devotion. If your grasping power is better, you can increase the number of topics depending on that. Focus on daily studying so that only two hours of study could be of great help.

Include Sample Questions in Your Preparation:

Always have a knack for learning more. You should always cover the syllabus topics first, but you must include additional resources like sample questions and video resources to widen your knowledge base regarding the syllabus topics.

Should You Rely on Practice Tests?

1Z0-808 practice tests would help you to assess your preparation level and do better in the actual exam. So, you should practice rigorously to understand the time management pattern better. You would also get a real exam-like experience through these tests and would discover your strengths and weaknesses through the test results.

Some Aspirants choose to go with dumps, but they miss out on the valuable assessment phase and real exam experience phase; due to this, they face challenges while taking the actual exam.

Benefits of Grabbing the 1Z0-808 Certification:

Develop Your Skills for Coding and Programming:

One of the crucial benefits of getting a Java certification is that it can help you develop your skills for programming and coding. Programming languages keep on updating and changing over time, and certifications help you stay updated on the latest technologies and procedures.

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Boost Your Personal Work Performance:

If you are skilled with Java, you may be able to improve the accuracy and speed of your programming projects, and this may help to improve the overall quality of your work.

Team Work Performance Is Better:

When you are efficient in the Java programming language, you may help others on your team with questions and issues, which may help increase the team’s capability.

Increase on Mobility:

You may earn the chance of promotion if you improve your Java skills. You may also gain a proficiency that helped you to search for a wider range of jobs.

Salary Boost:

Employers may encourage your increased proficiency with programming, and your knowledge and skill base could earn you a higher salary.

Expand your Network:

Because other programming professionals may also get Java certifications, you can meet and connect with others in your industry. This may help you make important connections and learn about industry events.

Bottom Line:

If you are Java certified, your resume value is surely boosted, and you get a scope to work with some of the big IT organizations. Therefore, get ready and get the OCA level 1Z0-808 certification to get a better job scope.