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1Z0-1074-21: Preparation Tips to Ace the Oracle Cost Management Cloud Certification Exam

Passing the 1Z0-1074-21 exam and earning your Oracle Cost Management Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist (OCS) certification is not a challenge anymore. Here are the study tips and materials to ace the exam.

Overview of the 1Z0-1074-21 Certification:

1Z0-1074-21, or the Oracle Cost Management 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist certification is all about proving your knowledge needed to manage sub-ledger accounting,  landed costs, cost scenarios, and configure costing methods and Project Enabled Supply Chain. Candidates who earn the 1Z0-1074-21 certification can perform receipt accounting methods and analyze and resolve standard cost changes.

Details of the Exam Structure:

The 1Z0-1074-21 exam is a multiple-choice exam, and it is 90 minutes long. You need to answer 55 questions during the exam.  You must get a 62% mark to pass the exam.

Here Are the Study Tips to Pass the 1Z0-1074-21 Exam:

You Must Boost Your Knowledge Regarding Syllabus:

You might think about taking the 1Z0-1074-21 exam, but passing the exam will completely depend on your grasp of the syllabus topics. Don’t cover the syllabus to pass the exam; rather, work on the topics from the core to implement the knowledge practically in the future for the betterment of projects. You must learn the following topics while preparing for the 1Z0-1074-21 exam-

  • Receipt Accounting Overview
  • Managerial Accounting Overview
  • Projects Enabled Supply Chain
  • Costing and Inventory Foundations
  • Subledger Accounting
  • Landed Cost Overview
  • Standard Costs
  • Cost Accounting Overview

Creating A 1Z0-1074-21 Study Schedule Is of Much Help:

Making a study schedule is essential if you want to stay organized throughout your exam preparation journey. You can take inspiration from others but make your study schedule depending on your work and priorities. Fix two to three hours devoted to exam preparation. Find out the most productive time from your schedule and use these hours for studying. If your mind is fresh, certainly you will be able to learn more within less time.

Set the 1Z0-1074-21 Syllabus Goal:

Don’t waste your time by deciding on the study topics while you sit studying. It is always beneficial to preplan what topics you want to cover on a particular day. When the topics are already decided, you just need to accomplish the daily targets. Learn two to three topics daily and make notes out of the topics to remember the topics for a longer time.

Improve Your Knowledge with Experts:

Getting Oracle training is essential for your success. You might face difficulty in some of the syllabus topics, but once you join the practical training, you get a scope to learn from experts. Therefore, enroll for the practical training and improve your scope to ace the exam on your first attempt.

Keep on Learning from Other Resources:

Once you gain knowledge on the syllabus topics, you must improve your learning by studying and solving sample questions or from video resources.

Include 1Z0-1074-21 Practice Tests for Better Time Management and Good Score:

Only studying or going through the exam structure is not enough. You have to be very good in time management if you want to attempt a maximum number of questions. The reason for failure for many aspirants is that they cannot manage time in the exam hall. If you keep on solving 1Z0-1074-21 practice tests, you will get real exam experience with these tests. But, if you study from dumps, you will miss out on this valuable self-evaluation phase and the insights regarding the sections you lack.

Overview of Oracle Inventory Management Cloud:

Oracle Inventory Management Cloud is a solution that helps to get full visibility into and control of the flow of goods across your organization and global supply networks to improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and optimize service levels ace and working capital investment.

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How Does It Help Organizations?

Oracle Inventory Management allows companies to orchestrate transactions combining end-to-end financial, physical, and transactional flows across the Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing (SCM) product family. The solution helps in the Ideate-to-Commercialize, Plan-to-Produce, Source-to-Settle, Order-to-Cash, and Maintain-to-Optimize integrated business processes. The important features help to-

  • Improve global inventory visibility
  • Lower the costs, inventory levels, and cycle times
  • Cut down the cost of on-time fulfillment using partner capabilities
  • Get better insight into product costs and margins
  • Manage with higher flexibility the trade between internal parties Check out the flow of goods with configurable supply orchestration.
  • Enhance warehouse efficiency and control cost with consistent fulfillment processes.

Here Are the Benefits of Using Oracle Inventory Cloud:

Optimize Material Flow:

Assure rapid order fulfillment and safeguard your revenue by streamlining, automating, and controlling inventory operations, both inside the organization and across a complex global supply network with a complete inventory management solution.

Have Visibility and Fulfillment Flexibility:

Get real-time visibility into inventory across internal and external locations, including goods in transit. Support anytime, anywhere, with options such as drop-ship, back-to-back, and supplier consigned inventory.

Improve Decision-Making:

Use comprehensive dashboards to view balances and monitor and manage material status for both inbound and outbound flows. View activities requiring attention and act across your facilities to quickly resolve them.

Bottom Line:

Oracle Inventory Management offers full insight into complex materials management operations through intuitive dashboards that offer a complete view of inventory status, stock levels, and the multiple transactions across locations. Therefore, grab the OCS-level 1Z0-1074-21 certification and prove your knowledge regarding Oracle Inventory Management Cloud.