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JNCIS-ENT JN0-349 Study Guide and Tips

Juniper Networks Certified Specialist Enterprise Routing and Switching (JNCIS-ENT JN0-349) is intended for seasoned networking professionals with a beginner to intermediate understanding of routing and switching implementations in Junos.

JN0-349 JNCIS-ENT exam topics are based on the content of the recommended instructor-led training courses and the other resources. The JNCIS-ENT certification is valid for three years.

JNCIS-ENT JN0-349 Exam Topics: Click here.

Benefits of JN0-349 JNCIS-ENT certification

JNCIS-ENT certification comes with lots of benefits attached to it. It holds an important and respective position in the IT field. Holding JNCIS-ENT certification involves a solid proficiency of the skills in Routing and Switching. Below are some of the benefits of this Juniper certification:

  • Knowledge and skills acquired throughout the JN0-349 JNCIS-ENT exam preparation offer a solid base that makes an individual qualified to work in physical and virtualized networks of current and future.
  • This certification helps the holder in obtaining fantastic jobs in the IT field. The holder can be assured of achieving a higher salary as JNCIS-ENT certification is always associated with high-qualified professionals.
  • Possessing JNCIS-ENT certification exposes the holder to different promotions as they can work in various organizations. The ultimate skills acquired are tailored to various promotions in organizations that utilize networking to accomplish their objectives.
  • Once the individual has obtained Juniper certification, they become “desired professional” by organizations that need individuals with deep knowledge in routing and switching. This is because the JN0-349 exam requires one to prove their expertise in every concept studied.
  • The value and respect a JNCIS-ENT holder gains are very definite. This is because of the arduous process one undergoes to attain the certification, and very few people possess this certification.

Tips to Prepare for JN0-349 JNCIS-ENT Exam

It’s important that you take your time to prepare for your JN0-349 JNCIS-ENT exam. This indicates your registration and preparation must start in advance.

Use the following tips to Pass the Juniper JN0-349 exam below.

Tip # 1: Obtain the Appropriate Study Resources

Having the appropriate study resources helps make a strong foundation for the exam. There are lots of resources available in all types of forms. You should leverage resources found on websites, YouTube, the JN0-349 study guide, and Juniper study resources to get ready for your exam.

Tip # 2: Gain Practical Experience

To crack the JN0-349 Juniper exam, you need both practical and theoretical knowledge. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Look forward to opportunities to exert your skills in solving real-world problems. Additionally, explore different websites to attempt JN0-349 practice tests to help you get familiar with likely tough questions. Most of these questions are entirely provided for free. Attempt time-bound practice tests to help you avoid getting stuck by one question in the exam.

Tip # 3: Create a Study Plan

Avoid studying right before you endeavor this exam. Rather, you should cover course material two to three months before the exam. Doing so lets you hide the required resources without any stress. This is why you should make a plan and follow it.

Tip # 4: Use JN0-349 Practice Test

JN0-349 practice tests can help you specify topics to which you ought to pay more attention. So, make a study plan for these according to the exam topics ahead of the real exam.

Tip # 5: Rest, Relaxation, and Exercise

Besides learning and performing the JN0-349 practice test, you need small breaks to avoid exhaustion. On the other hand, you should ensure that you sleep, hydrate, and eat healthily.

Benefits of Juniper JN0-349 JNCIS-ENT Practice Test

Practice tests are the best means for gauging your exam preparation level. You can use them at the start of your study or continue with the Juniper JN0-349 exam preparation. Once you finish the entire exam syllabus, take practice tests. This will make it more straightforward for you to specify the areas you still ought to work on. The benefit of using JN0-349 practice tests is that you can use them as many times. Make sure that you obtain those exams that are updated and from reliable sources, such as


If you are ready to move your IT career to the next level, opt for the JNCIS-ENT certification. Passing the Juniper JN0-349 exam is not a walk in the park. Though, you can increase your odds of success by getting well-prepared with the help of NWExam practice tests. Make your Juniper JN0-349 exam preparation smooth by following the simple tips summarized in this guide. All the Best!!